Here’s a trippy video that shows someone getting tattooed by a 3D tattoo machine. There’s no English subtitles, so you’ll just have to watch – unless you know French. Now whether or not this can actually make into a mainstream market is beyond us but I guess only time will tell.

Regardless, we don’t know how many people would actually choose this as an option. While we do anticipate some people trying it out, we can’t ever imagine this becoming a glorified option. Sure a machine may be more precise, and maybe even quicker, but the one thing it can’t ever replace is the human element of having an “artist” bless you with his work. The lack of conversation, and the whole experience would be pretty much out the door, and to trust a machine knowing that it could fail, or suffer a glitch wouldn’t be worth the risk for many of us.


Tattoos and the culture that surrounds it, has sparked a billion-dollar industry that runs more than skin deep. But even more impressive than the financial numbers themselves is the art and the communities it has positively influenced.  With each unique tattoo, is a piece of art indicative of someone’s values or beliefs, and often times they also represent milestones in someone’s life. But as the art and culture continues to grow, so has the unique ways it has inspired other forms of creativity and industry growth. From t-shirt designs, housewares, to custom car wraps, tattoos have inspired a wave of creativity that ceases to amaze and this example by Punctured Artefact is no different.


A close up look at the process.


The artisans over at Punctured Artefact in the UK have created these unique art pieces which substitutes a live canvas for leather, and the process is one which is both tedious and time consuming. As chronicled on their site, the process involves hand-picking a piece of leather, dying it the appropriate shade, and then tattooing the leather with their own original designs. From there, the leather is worked using special techniques to help bring out the fine line work and the end result is stunning.  Needless to say, we were impressed with their artistic vision, and the launch of their limited edition pieces are sure to awe and inspire. Be sure to check out their official site by visiting them at Punctured Artefact.