Laser tattoo removal results: After 3 sessions here’s the progress on removing this tattoo. 

Tattoo removal can be very effective and here are just a few examples of what our laser removal system can do. At Skin Design, we take great pride in the art of tattoos. Whether it be color portraits or bng, tattoo removal or cover ups, we’ve got all your needs covered.

Laser tattoo removal can be used to remove a tattoo in its entirety, or it can be used to fade an existing tattoo in order to get a better cover up. Of course, the age of your tattoo, the type of ink used, the colors of the ink used, all play a major factor in removing an old or unwanted tattoo but the professionals at Skin Design can guide you in the right direction with all the information you need.


To the left is a 10 year old tattoo, and to the right, is the result after 3 laser tattoo removal sessions.

About Skin Design Tattoo Removal:

Skin Design Tattoo Removal is the premier tattoo removal center in Las Vegas. As always, we appreciate the trust that each of our customers offer when they trust us with their skin, and we’re both blessed and humbled.  At Skin Design, we strive to provide each of our customers with the highest quality of services at affordable rates. Our skilled and compassionate team delivers exceptional state-of-the-art care using the most advanced treatments and technologies in a friendly and intimate environment.

In addition, our expert staff is trained to resolve your many skin concerns so if you’re got questions we’ve definitely got the answers. In the end, our goal is for you to leave our clinic feeling educated, refreshed, and comfortable about your choices so please feel to contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation.


Want to remove an unwanted tattoo? Well DIY kits are not the way to go. Need proof? Watch this video produced by BBC.

Unwanted tattoos can be a kick to your self esteem, but would you rather have a bad tattoo or a nightmare of a skin infection and possibly permanent damage? Probably not, which is exactly why you should avoid any DIY tattoo removal kits which can be found on line.


A picture of one woman’s tattoo before she tried a DIY tattoo removal kit

Just a few days ago, the BBC did a piece on one women who tried a “DIY tattoo removal kit” and the end result was not only be a painful reminder of her once unwanted tattoo – but also a terrific reminder that she should have just left it. Sometimes called a peel or “chemical peel” the ingredients in these kits can not only burn your skin but leave you with an indentation coupled with an infection.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 7.57.01 AM

The result after her trying the kit.

The reason? Well most of these tattoo removal kits simply attack the top layer of the skin and it results in the chemicals simply burning the skin with corrosive chemicals like trichloroacetic acid, a substance that’s banned in cosmetics in many countries, and hexachloroethane, a chemical used to make grenades. These chemicals do not get to the middle of the skin, where you’ll find the ink from a tattoo.

On the flipside, others use a “pin-prick” method in which they use a needle to try and leech the ink out of the skin, while others use chemical goes and creams which have been known to cause cause an immune system reaction and therefore destroy the ink. In most cases such archaic methods cause irritation infection, and scaring to those that try to remove the tattoos themselves.

Medical professionals and artists alike both discourage these methods of removal and still recommend laser tattoo removal as the safest possible treatment out there.


When a senior Vatican official made a call to a tattoo removal specialist, it was not a red-faced cardinal hoping to erase an anchor on his biceps. The Vatican Museum had requested the use of tattoo removal equipment for the delicate removal of dirt particles covering some of its most priceless works.

Reached through one of its Italian associates, Lyntons Lasers, the Cheshire company that supplied the tatto removers, later donated one of its machines to the museum.

Mediaeval sculptures would seem to have little in common with awkward tattoos honouring past lovers, but the process to clean the former and remove the latter can be virtually identical, the company’s chairman, Andy Charlton, said.

The tattoo removal machine uses minuscule pulses of near-infrared laser radiation to remove unwanted particles, breaking up encrustations of pollution, or tattoo ink on skin.

Charlton, whose machines have already been used by numerous art galleries and museums, said the lasers allowed an extremely gentle method of cleaning and removing dirt from very fragile surfaces. “Even from a badly weathered marble surface desperately in need of consolidation,” he added.

The lasers were mostly used to strip dirt from ancient sculptures rather than paintings, Charlton said. “That’s 95% of what they can be used for. With artwork or frescoes it can be done but it’s more difficult when you’re dealing with pigment. The light heats up the dirt and blasts it off, but you want it to be self-limiting, so it doesn’t also heat up the paint underneath. It’s similar with a tattoo, apart from the ink is in the skin – you want to blast that away without damaging the skin.”

Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello, one of Pope Francis’ inner circle of advisers, hosted a private ceremony in the museum’s Pinacoteca gallery in appreciation of the donated equipment, and guides took the company’s executives on private viewings of artworks and on a tour of the pope’s Castel Gondolfo farm, where vegetables and milk are produced for the pontiff’s table.

Catholics may be more at ease with using equipment linked with tattooing than some other branches of the Abrahamic faiths. Judaism interprets Leviticus 19:28 as expressly forbidding tattoos, and Sunni Islam is also against the practice.

But tattooing has never been expressly condemned by any Catholic thinker, according to the Catholic Herald, and can be seen, in that faith, as “a matter of taste, not morals”.

In June 2013 Pope Francis was photographed blessing heavily tattooed motorcyclists who were on a pilgrimage to St Peter’s Square, Rome, for Harley-Davidson’s 110th anniversary.


If you had a chance to remove an unwanted tattoo would you? Would you laser a tattoo? Is there a cream I can use to remove a tattoo? These are questions we’ve heard time and time again and for the most part the answer is probably yes we’d remove a tattoo, and if we did so we’d use a laser.

Even if your ink work has been pretty well planned out from the get go, there’s still going to be a slim chance that you may want to remove something from the past. Whether, it’s an ex’s name, a tattoo that a no longer holds meaning, or artistic value, there’s a ton of reasons that could coincide with the decision to do so.




If you had to remove a tattoo which one would it be?

We’ve also seen our fair share of horror stories and the best are actually funny and ironic. People walking in with in with misspelled quotes (and names) is pretty common but the one time a gang banger walked in because the tattoo artist he went to spelled his gang name wrong. Needless to say we didn’t want to ask him what happened to the tattoo artist he used but we could only imagine.

On another note, getting laser tattoo removal is no walk in the park. The pain you’ll feel is also dependent upon your pain threshold. We’ve seen grown men break down and shudder and we’ve seen women take it like a champ. Then again, if you can give birth to a newborn child then we couldn’t imagine tattoo removal being a walk in the park.

*on a side note…we didn’t do that tattoo of the rose on the header bar. 


Tattoos are a form of artistic self-expression but there comes a time when opinions and factors change what we want to show. Whether it’s a break up, an old or faded tattoo, or something as simple as a tattoo, which expressed former values – which has since changed – we can help.


 Before & After: This was after 5 sessions with our Quanta-C machine

The development of laser technology, and machines such as the remarkable Quanta C, has now given us the ability to help you remove unwanted tattoos. Through a series of treatments with a qualified Laser Certified Technician, the professionals at Skin Design Tattoo can help.


 Before & After: This was after 5 sessions with our Quanta-C machine

With the cleanest and most sterile environment, Skin Design provides free consultations, which will go over the entire procedure and what to expect.

Here are some factors which will determine how fast and effective your treatments will be:

  • The color of the ink
    • Different colored inks react differently to laser removal. The easiest colors to remove are black and grey, but certain colors may need more sessions.
  • The type of ink used
    • Professional tattoos are much easer to remove than amateur tattoos and tattoos received in prison. The difference is in the ink used and we understand all ink types
  • The size of the tattoo you want to remove
    • The size of the tattoo will also determine how many sessions will be required. Obviously pain tolerance plays a key factor in the removal of tattoos.
  • Age of the tattoo
    • Older tattoos can sometimes be stubborn and much difficult to remove. This is where our certified experts can examine your skin as well as the age of the tattoo.
  • Skin type
    • Skin types definitely play an integral part in the removal process. Some skin may blister, whereas other types will heal faster. We can also examine this in person.
  • Location
    • Location of the tattoo also plays a key role in how long it will take to remove a tattoo as well as how long of a session a patient can endure due to pain tolerance.



Erase your past with our tattoo removal program. Using state of the art equipment, Skin Design offers the most sterile environment and the friendliest staff with over 25 years of experience in tattooing. So you might ask your self what 25 years of experience in tattooing has to do with tattoo removal? Well that’s a good question and the simple answer is simple. We understand the art of tattoos and ink pigmentation and this in turn gives us the ability to know how to effectively remove  your tattoo – regardless if it’s in black and gray or color.


Skin Design Laser Tattoo Removal

Skin Design Laser Tattoo Removal

So is there a difference between removing a color or black and gray tattoo? Yes. No tattoo is alike, and the colors of your tattoo will affect the removal process. With that in mind, the simplest explanation is that darker colors are typically easier to remove, with black and blue being the easiest of the colors to remove. With more vibrant colors such as red, orange, yellow, and green the hardest. Colored inks are sometimes not possible to be fully removed even with multiple sessions.

At Skin Design Laser Tattoo Removal we use the Q-Switched laser. While others methods and machines produce scarring and pigment alterations, new advances in Q-switched laser technology help remove tattoos with minimal risk of either.


Guest & Artist lounge

Guest & Artist lounge


In short, there are five different types of tattoos: Professional, amateur, cosmetic, medicinal, and traumatic. Amateur tattoos typically require less treatment sessions than professional multicolored tattoos but it also depends on the type of ink used. Some tattoos received in prison are much harder to remove because of the unconventional type of “homemade” tattoos used. Other factors to consider when evaluating tattoos for removal are: location, age and the skin type of the patient.

With all this to keep in mind, come in and get free consultation from our staff of highly trained professionals. We know how to best help you erase your past.