If you’ve got some spare cash and need to get away, then book your tickets for the 3rd annual, Tattoo Week Rio. Showcasing the best of body art, and celebrating tattoo artistry, this three day event starts on Friday, January 16th and features approximately eight hundred tattoo artists working in more than two hundred stands. The event will take place for three consecutive days at the Centro de Convenção Sul América (South America Convention Center).

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In addition to great Brazilian tattooists, over fifty artists originating from twenty countries will participate in the event. However, the convention is more than a great place get a new tattoo or to see the work of some of the most talented tattoo artists from around the world. This edition of Tattoo Week Rio also will feature live graffiti painting, a freestyle skateboard championship, and a cosplay performance.

Additionally, live entertainment will be provided each day by DJs and musicians, including live performances by Matanza, Pitty and MCs Marechal, Old Dirty Bacon and Spliff Rap.


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Also during this edition the popular Miss Tattoo contest returns and contests for the best tattoos in various categories will be held during each of the three days of the convention. On January 16th, winners will be chosen for the best tattoo in the categories: black and white drawing, color drawing, calligraphy, watercolor, and best work of the day. An award will also be given for best exotic piercing and, for manufacturers, an award for best tattoo machine.

For more information visit their site here

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It comes as no surprise that Tibetan skull tattoos are a popular subject when it comes to Asian themed tattoo art. The intricacy and details found on these skulls are overwhelming, and while the carvings and decor add an element of mystique and power, they symbolize something so much more.


Often called Kapal (a Sanskrit term which translates to skull or begging bowl), these decorative skulls are used as part of rituals in both Hindu and Buddhist Tantra. There are usually two types of Kapal, one which is a complete skull and another which is separated at half skull. The skulls were typically retrieved from sky burial sites, an ancient Tibetan burial custom in which the bodies of the deceased are dismembered and scatted in fields. Though it sounds disturbing, the ritual has deeper meaning as the pieces are scattered to “give aim to the birds.”

tibetan-skull-tattooIt is a ritual that has a great religious meaning of the ascent of the soul to be reincarnated into another circle of life. Once collected, the skulls would be specially prepared and elaborately anointed and consecrated before use. It would then be decorated with carvings, jewels of silverwork before being used as a ritual implement. In Tibetan monasteries, the kapala was used to hold dough cakes or wine, used symbolically as flesh and blood offerings to wrathful deities of Hindu India and Buddhist Tibet.


Ornate in presentation, these historic relics are now the center stone for many elaborate tattoo pieces. They offer a visual appeal which is backed by deep roots, and now with a deeper understanding of their origins you are sure to appreciate them even more.

To read more history you can click here.



Much like tattoos, the removal of one is equally an art. You have to be familiar with the machine, make sure that it’s properly calibrated, all the while understanding how it works in relation to the colors in the piece you are trying to remove. It is important to remember that different inks, and ink colors in your piece, respond differently to laser treatment. This is where our experience in tattoo removal comes into play. Since we’re one of the leading purveyors of inked art in Vegas, we understand the application of ink, whereas “laser removal only” facilities, know just the basic principles – there is a big difference.

The premiere laser tattoo removal system in Las Vegas!

The premiere laser tattoo removal system in Las Vegas!

At Skin Design, we pride ourselves in being the best when it comes to tattoo removal in Las Vegas. Located just a few miles from the Strip, our state of the art facility is housed within one of the leading ink parlors in the area. With years of extensive experience, and a friendly staff, Skin Design is your one stop shop that is here to educate you about the process of this procedure.

Part of our process for removal includes:

– Educating the customer about the procedure. Each client is provided with an estimate as to how many sessions it should take to completely remove a specific piece.

– We also provide follow ups and create a schedule of treatments based on skin color, tattoo color as well as the recovery speed of each patient.

Feel free to stop on by or give us a call when you’re ready to refresh your canvas. The use of lasers for unwanted pieces has been the most effective way of removing them. Regardless if you want to remove a mistake, erase the memories of a drunken nights decision, or simply want to make more room on your canvas, please feel free to drop on by with any questions and we’ll gladly help!


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Tattoos have influenced more than just skin. Tattoo culture has created a hub of self-expression which is being felt all across the spectrum, and the love it has received can be seen in products and industries all across the world. From tech to apparel, the art we practice provides a unique look of personalization and this fart catcher, aka “chair”, is a great example .

The Grand Prix chair, which was released back in 1957 by 
Arne Jacobsen, is a cult classic. It’s a timeless piece of furniture which further proves that great design can stand the test of time, and as if it weren’t enough to just relaunch the chair, half a century later, the Republic of Fritz Hansen™ decided to bring it back with flair. This time around they launched the Grand Prix limited edition chair, and did so with the help project of manager, Diego Grandi, and famed Italian tattoo artist Pietro Sedda.


Tattooist Pietro Sedda putting his touches on the famous chair. 

In recent interviews, Diego Grandi was quoted as saying that he wanted to “celebrate the authenticity of the chair by writing a story directly onto its skin.” He further mentions, “The lines of this iconic chair evoke the grace of the human body”, and it was a “body to be decorated”, which is why he decided to work with the famed tattooist.

With only nine being produced (7 in wood and two in leather), you’ll be hard-pressed to find one, but please believe that we’re on the lookout.




As much as we love the internet, there’s still something so much more personal about holding a magazine, and that value appreciates tenfold when it comes to coffee table books. Who knows? Maybe it’s the smell, the feel of paper stock, or simply the weight that emits that magical feeling, but the more I wonder, the more I think that it’s downright old age and the fact that I grew up without smart tablets that can’t break this mysterious bond.




So this time around we’re checking out a book that was launched last year. The book in hand is called TattooIsMe, and is written by Chris Coppola. With 192 pages, it’s a good read that was put together by Schiffer Publishing and it’s packed with a lot of great content featuring 32 internationally acclaimed tattoo artists.

Inside, you’ll find multiple art mediums, utilizing an array of art movements, techniques and styles. With more than 350 images, I’d have to say that it’s  put together very well and the minimalist cover and design gets browny points for sure.



Representing nine tattoo friendly countries, including France, Japan, Italy, and the U.S., the featured artists draw from varied art movements and styles in their approach: Baroque, Cubism, Art Nouveau, Realism, Surrealism, Pop Art, Expressionism, and more. Inspiration from seemingly unexpected sources, like hip hop, punk rock, horror films, and biomechanics inform their work: as such, they filter everything through the artful lens that is themselves. They are tattoo; tattoo is them.

Review by Carlton C  |   Photography by Garret Carter



Art can be found everywhere and anywhere. There’s beauty on the city streets, in the slums, but more importantly there’s art within yourself. The key is finding it, and utilizing it as a form of self-expression, and this featured artist is a great example. Much of his art revolves around human skulls and his use of different materials and composition has made it quite appealing.

While skulls for some may represent death, there are many that use it as representation of a rebirth of ones self in either a good or bad manner. Some see it as a symbol of strength and rebellion while some cultures use skulls as the center piece of celebration. In Mexico, they use for Day of the Dead celebrations, while the Kabbalistic tree of life uses it as a symbol of rebirth.


Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! As we write the final chapters on the few last days of 2014, it’s time again to start a New Year and hopefully you’ve already got a jump on 2015. It’s going to be that time where many of us make – and soon after break – New Year’s resolutions but we wish you the best in all your endeavors. As for us, we’ve got some plans that we intend to stick to for 2015 so we’ll keep you updated on the planning process as well as the progress.


We’d also like to thank everyone for their continued support and for clicking on through the site. We’ll have plenty more updates coming soon so check back soon and enjoy these final days as we we get ready to close this volume and start yet another.


Standing guard: It’s all in the details.


If you’ve ever fantasized about getting with Ciara, then nows your chance. The relationship between her and rapper “Future” didn’t seem to pan out and back in September she returned her 15 carat ring Avianne & Co diamond ring. To help seal the deal, she’s now used laser tattoo removal to get rid of her former fiance’s initials which she had tattooed on her ring finger. She removed the initial “N”, which stands for Nayvadius, her ex’s name, and that not only puts the nail in his coffin but indicates that she’s back on the market. Now the only question is, where are you going to get the money to replace a 15 ct. ring? Dreaming never hurt anyone and there’s no Future in  your frontin’, and apparently his as well.


Speaking of laser tattoo removal, if you’re in or around the Las Vegas area and wake up with a less than desirable tattoo, feel free to drop on by Skin Design for a free quote and consultation. Besides, living with an unwanted tattoo is like taking a shower and putting on old draws. It’s plain nasty.


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The Skin Design Family.

This year has been pretty monumental for all of us at Skin Design Tattoo. The launch of our new shop, and the expansion of our brand, would have not been possible without this crew that I call family. It’s with great humbleness that I thank you all a million times for having my back and helping create what we have today. Along with all those that continue to support our mission, all I can say is that I’m blessed to have customers and a crew that have made this journey nothing short of amazing.

With that, I wish my family and this industry the best during the holiday season. We’ve all got a lot more to accomplish so cheers to many more years of success and may you never forget what is worth remembering, or remember what is best forgotten.

  With Respect & Gratitude,




Tattoos are breaking international boundaries and with the help of a legion of supporters it’s only going to grow. With tattoo conventions and expos popping up all around the globe, it’s good to know that we can now include Cairo, Egypt as one of our next places to visit and showcase our art.


The first ever Cairo tattoo expo went down just a few days ago in Egypt and the two day exhibition brought together all mediums of tattoo culture. The expo, which took place inside the Nowhereland Gallery, was organized by owner Orne Gil and when asked what prompted the event, she said, “The aim is to introduce tattoo art into the Middle East and especially in Cairo at a higher level. People are afraid of it because it’s something permanent.”

One attendee at the show added,“People here in Egypt generally believe that tattoos are only for criminals and gay people. That’s not the case.”

Congratulations to Orne on a job well done and we’re looking forward to her second event which she says will be much bigger.



An Egyptian themed tattoo which was done by Robert Pho