Tattoo of Philip Hansen “Phil” Anselmo

Here’s a slick new piece that was done by resident artist Andy Pho. He did this tattoo while working the Pacific Ink & Art Expo (Hawaii Tattoo Expo), and the end results were great. The tattoo is based off of an image of Phil Anselmo, the former lead singer of Pantera, and the current frontman for Down.

The portrait tattoo was done on Maui resident, John Garcia, and in the picture it shows Phil holding the guitar of deceased band member Dimebag Darrell. It’s a powerful picture which makes for an even more powerful tattoo, and we’ll post up some healed pictures of this piece once they become available.

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by the booth this past weekend! We appreciate the continued support and hospitality from our ohana!



Lady Gaga tattoo by Fernie Andrade

Here’s a killer black and gray tattoo done just last week by resident artist, Fernie Andrade. This Lady Gaga tattoo was knocked out in one 10 hour session on Steve Kassakikian, and Fernie used his trusty Bishop Rotary machine to kill it. If you’d like to see more of Fernie’s work click here.



We’d do just about anything for our kids, but one man raised the bar by getting a tattoo in of their favorite band in hopes that he could win tickets for them. So here’s how the story goes, Roger Fraser didn’t have the money to take his daughters to One Direction’s concert in Indianapolis, so he decided to do whatever it took to win an Indianapolis radio station’s contest for tickets.

“I’m known by all my friends for doing crazy stuff for whatever it takes to get a laugh,” Fraser, 37, told ABC News.

The contest, which was held by local radio station 99.5 WZPL in Indianapolis. The contest was to see how far people would go to win some tickets so Fraser decided to get a tattoo.

“In the beginning, everybody said I was crazy for getting it,” Fraser, who lives in Columbia, Tennessee, with his daughters, said. “I just said I’ll get a heart with no color so I can cover it later.”

Fraser, who has three other tattoos, said he got the tattoo of One Direction’s logo on his right arm two weeks ago. Except, there was one problem: Makayla didn’t read the contest’s fine print.

“The day he got the tattoo that’s when he said, ‘I hope it’s not one of those contests where you have to be a resident of the state,” Makayla said.

The next day, Makayla saw that the contest rules said entrants had to be permanent residents of Indiana, which meant they were ineligible to win.

Though they didn’t win the tickets, Fraser said he has no regrets and wants to keep the tattoo forever.

“After doing this I realized to myself that we spend a whole lot of time together [doing things I like to do]. But I got involved with something that they love,” Fraser said. “And it’s brought us together even closer than we ever were.”

Fraser and his daughters still got to attend the concert in Indianapolis. They drove from Tennessee to Indianapolis without tickets but were able to purchase them just as the show was starting.

“We didn’t get to meet One Direction. We didn’t go on stage or get front row,” Fraser said. “But the reward has been all the memories that we’ve made.”




An old tattoo is sure to change. Whether it fades, gets dated in style, or simply lacks the luster it once had, you can always opt to have them zapped through laser removal, or simply have them revamped, remixed or touch up.

This was exactly the case with Jennifer, a client who came in with a 21 year old hummingbird tattoo that she wanted touched up and modified. After consulting with resident artist Andy Pho – a specialist in tattoo revamps, restoration and cover ups – she decided to get the bird touched up while adding a few new elements and the outcome was great.

As of late, Andy has earned a reputation as the go to guy in Vegas for getting older tattoos touched up or covered up and it’s with good reason. His attention to detail, and creative suggestions, gives clients more options than they thought they had so if you’re ever considering touching up an older piece than drop by or email us for a free consultation.




Here’s a progress shot of a clown themed tattoo being done on Monte by Robert Pho. 

Ever want a clown tattoo? I know I do. As little children, clowns brought us joy and memories of the circus and cotton candy, but those sweet memories slowly transcended into ones more associated with hamburgers and Happy Meals – thanks to Ronald McDonald. Then as we enter adulthood, something strange happens, and clowns become an entity that strikes fear in our minds and terrifies us beyond belief.


Who knows? Maybe it has something to do with being old enough to watch horror movies that triggers and introduces this fear. I remember growing up watching Magic with Anthony Hopkins, and there was something frightening and eerie about that mannequin…..but it was nothing, compared to that f*ckin clown in IT from Stephen King.

Again, I can’t pinpoint the actual cause, but maybe it has to do with the fact that behind the mask and suit is a person with evil intentions.  Regardless, my fear of them has slowly evolved into an obsession with them. They’re powerful, mysterious, incredibly freakish and you yet there’s something intriguing and ironic about something so evil always smiling and never breaking character.

Right? When have you ever seen a clown not happy?


That said, this clown themed tattoo done by Robert Pho is an incredible piece that’ll have you mesmerized and we’ll have more pictures of this clown sleeve shortly. It’s still a work in progress and we’ll have the final pictures, as well as the full story behind this theme shortly. On another note, if you’ve ever seen the gangster themed leg sleeve that we previously featured, well he’s the same owner of this sleeve so you already know that this is going to be one hell of a body suit once it’s all buttoned up.


A native platinum nugget.
While this has absolutely nothing to do with tattoos, it’s definitely pretty cool news because an asteroid which is supposed to have up to 90 million tons of platinum will be swooshing by us tonight. Along with other rare and precious materials, this platinum-rich asteroid has been officially named “2011 UW158”. The huge ball of wealth is supposed to measure in at 452 meters by 1,011 meters in size and will pass Earth at a distance of an estimated 2.4 million kilometers – and that’s the problem.
Although it will be 30 times closer to Earth than the closest planet of the Solar system, when the asteroid does pass, it will still be six times further away than the moon’s orbit, so it will be impossible to see 2011 UW158 with the naked eye.

It will be possible to watch 2011 UW158 LIVE at Slooh’s Live Stadium at 22:00 GMT on Sunday.



“A good tattoo aint cheap, and a cheap tattoo ain’t good.”

We’ve all heard those infamous words time and time again, yet every second there’s someone out there who learns the hard way. It’s a slogan that that can be applied to just about every industry and this here is a prime example of what a scratcher will give ya.


Pictured here is the tattoo of a client name Robert and here’s how the story goes. Robert asked around if anyone knew someone who could tattoo and his one friend had mentioned that he “knew a guy”. Needless to say, “that guy” tattooed Robert out of his house for a “good deal”, and after sitting down with him and showing him reference photos, the guy began to freehand the piece and 5 hours later Rob “freaked out” and left.

A little under a week later, Robert stopped by our shop for a free consultation with resident artist Andy Pho. After examining the tattoo and seeing his reference photos, Andy had suggested that he get some laser tattoo removal done to lighten up the piece, but the client declined saying, “[He] wanted it covered it asap.”

That said, Andy booked him for the next available opening and got to work. For starters, Andy wanted to cover up the tattoo with a larger piece and he began by drawing the basic shapes of the new armor. Once he outlined the basic shaped, he followed up by doing in and putting in all the details of the armored shield.

Though far from done, the results thus far are pretty incredible and it’s definitely a great example of what can be achieved if you do a cover up tattoo with an artist who has the creative vision and artistic prowess to get your goals done.

More will be added to this piece but this is a progress shot of what’s been done so far. Again, if you’re looking for a cover up tattoo, then be sure to get an artist with experience doing cover them. You must also make sure to view a portfolio of their past work because if they don’t have pictures of actual examples to show you then take a walk because the proof is in the pudding.

On that note, ghappy hunting for a tattoo artist that’ll best suit your style and budget, and please remember to catch a budget and break bread because once again, “Good tattoos ain’t cheap and cheap tattoos aren’t good.”

We’ll have updates and more pics as it develops.


Misspelled or inaccurate tattoos are a common site, but is there really a reason to own one in 2015? Not really, and the latest victim of a bad tattoo is “The Hunger Games” actress Jennifer Lawrence.

During a recent interview at Comic-Con, she told reporters that she got a tattoo on a whim during an outing with her Hunger Games co-star Liam Hemsworth‘s family. During the interview she said, “It’s just like, I was with Liam’s family and everybody was getting tattoos and I was like, well, I’m always going to need to be hydrated, so I guess I should just get an H2O on my hand.”


So here’s where the problem is, the molecular formula used for water is H2O, and on her tattoo the “2” is high up – instead of low down. Needless to say, it’s not that really that bad, but the cool part is the fact that she’s able to own up to her mistake, making her that much more of a man that some of the dudes we know.

So again….always reference check your tattoos and if you fail to do so (and happened to make a mistake), then just own up to it and remember we told you so.


A recent story by Chandni Sehgal (of Vogue India) takes an inside look at some of the art that adorns the staff of India’s leading fashion pub. It’s a good read that’s worth reading.



Vogue India staff tattoos of Sana Goyal & Rujuta Vaidya


“…what does it really take to get yourself permanently inked (a few shots of vodka, a desire to forge permanency, a need for accessorisation or even just a passing obsession) ? What are the inspirations behind the images engraved on the epidermis? What does it really take to live with a tattoo? We ask the Vogue team for answers.”
Read the full story by clicking here.


*Header photos features tattoos of Sneha Mankani and C’Sam Muivarh

*Photos by Chandni Sehgal




Sexy tattoos.

Today’s work flow revolves around this full tattooed body suit which is being done by artist Robert Pho on SDT’s good friend Leo. She’s been busy lasering off older work and filling it with new black and grey ink from Rob, and the end result is going to be amazing.

Leo’s been devoting plenty of her time, energy and patience into this full body suit and let’s just say that pictures do the work absolutely no justice. Stay tuned for more leaks and updates.

Please visit Robert’s gallery to see more of her tattoos.