Compliments can’t be bought or sold. They’re tokens of appreciation that stem from others recognizing your hard work and that’s what makes them so special. But are all compliments the same? Not really. A compliment from a fan or admirer is always appreciated, but one coming from a master at his craft – especially if it’s from within your own industry –  is a blessing, and actually something to rant about.

So when Grammy Award-winning singer and producer extraordinaire, Pharrell Williams called rap artist Kap G, “The Future,” there’s a pretty good chance that you’re that damn good.


Pharrel believed in him so much that he helped him get signed with Atlantic Records, and his  mixtape, “Like A Mexican,” was produced by Pharrell himself.

“Stereotypes such as cutting the grass, being packed in the house, construction work,” he said. “I’m just telling people there are reasons why we do this.”

But one song in particular strikes a chord with Kap G entitled ‘F**k La Policia,’ which highlights the issues of racial profiling many Mexican-Americans experience day to day.

“I was leaving the studio one night at 4am,” he explained. “We got pulled over. There was no probable cause. I felt that the officer was abusing his power. So the next day I went to the studio I made the song and rapped about my experience from it.”

Love him or hate him, the kids making moves so at worst you should be inspired. Besides, he makes music that a lot of us can relate so check him out and give him a spin.