Black and grey tattoos offer a level of realism that is thought provoking and mysterious. The gradient usage of colors (mainly black and grey), makes a powerful impact and once you add white highlights it’s a wrap. While most of the black and grey motifs we’ve seen are of Roman and Greek influence, there are plenty of other things which can inspire you.

Take for example, this underwater, ancient City of Schicheng, which has been buried beneath the beautiful Thousand Island Lake for 53 years. Now serving a new lease on life, the city is now an adventure park where guests can scuba dive and snorkel around the lost city.

In short, it’s a magical underwater haven, which is both mesmerizing and whimsical. To think that this city has survived the destruction of the sun, because it’s fully submerged by water thus making it a literal “time capsule.”


With a maze of white temples, memorial arches, paved roads, and houses… hidden 130 feet underwater: this is China’s real-life Atlantis. The City, which has since been called Lion City, is tucked away in a lake between the Five Lion Mountain, was once Shi Cheng – the centre of politics and economics in the eastern province of Zhejiang.


So how did it end up underwater? Well in 1959, the Chinese government decided a new hydroelectric power station was required – so they built a man-made lake – which in turn required that they submerge the one time city.