Fernie Andrade keepin’ it 100 on this new tattoo he just finished. 

Benjamin Franklin probably never thought he’d become this popular – let alone become an icon for wealth. Over the past few decades, he’s been the subject of many tattoos – both good and bad – and this one here is a premium example of how good it can look. So why is he on the $100 bill?

Well we did a little fact checking and it turns out that he was put on the 100 dollar note as a way to honor him because of his important contributions to history. The  $100 bill is the largest value bill in circulation in the U.S and some of the reasons he was forever memorialized are listed below:

  • He is considered one of the – if not the – most important founding father in our nation. Most notably, his work and enthusiasm in forging the Declaration of Independence is not only pivotal but also historic.
  • Franklin was also best known by many for effectively negotiating the French’s support of the colonists’ efforts toward independence, and that support amount to tens of thousands of francs spent on behalf of the future United States.  What’s more, the French committed troops and education to the colonial effort, and Franklin’s role in securing French monies made the forging of the United States, and its currency, a reality.
  • Franklin contributed much to what is deemed most “American” about the United States. He was tirelessly innovative, brave and capable, diplomatic and wise. All of these values are honored by Americans, and honored in the likeness of the unforgettable Franklin on the $100 bill.