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The most highly rated tattoo removal system in Vegas.

Aside from being home to a family of award-winning, and published tattooists, Skin Design also offers laser tattoo removal.


The most effective laser tattoo removal system in Las Vegas

Old or unwanted tattoos no longer need to haunt your life, let alone your skin. At Skin Design Tattoo Removal, our experienced staff, certified laser tech, and in-house doctor, can help you remove unwanted ink. Aside from being able to get pain medication prescribed, our state of the art tattoo removal system is the most effective and highly-rated units in the Vegas community.

Pictured above is a before and after photo of an unwanted tattoo after just four sessions. Also remember that a tattoo does not have to be entirely removed if you’re doing a cover up. Tattoo removal can be done completely, partially or in some cases we can simply lighten or fade it as shown above.

At Skin Design we offer free consultation, can give your our professional opinion and help you achieve the end results you’ve been looking for.

To see more of our laser tech’s gallery please click here.

Skin Design Tattoo Removal provided the best service yet! It was a lot faster than I thought, and the staff was very knowledgeable and accommodating. ~ Lynn Burton (Patient)

I went to Anthony for tattoo removal and I’m glad. After going to another local spot for my first treatment, I was referred by another artist to Skin Design and I’ve stayed here since. ~ Fernando (Patient) 

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