If you’ve got some spare cash and need to get away, then book your tickets for the 3rd annual, Tattoo Week Rio. Showcasing the best of body art, and celebrating tattoo artistry, this three day event starts on Friday, January 16th and features approximately eight hundred tattoo artists working in more than two hundred stands. The event will take place for three consecutive days at the Centro de Convenção Sul América (South America Convention Center).

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In addition to great Brazilian tattooists, over fifty artists originating from twenty countries will participate in the event. However, the convention is more than a great place get a new tattoo or to see the work of some of the most talented tattoo artists from around the world. This edition of Tattoo Week Rio also will feature live graffiti painting, a freestyle skateboard championship, and a cosplay performance.

Additionally, live entertainment will be provided each day by DJs and musicians, including live performances by Matanza, Pitty and MCs Marechal, Old Dirty Bacon and Spliff Rap.


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Also during this edition the popular Miss Tattoo contest returns and contests for the best tattoos in various categories will be held during each of the three days of the convention. On January 16th, winners will be chosen for the best tattoo in the categories: black and white drawing, color drawing, calligraphy, watercolor, and best work of the day. An award will also be given for best exotic piercing and, for manufacturers, an award for best tattoo machine.

For more information visit their site here

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