Using her own body as a live art installment, Illma Gore wants you to a part of her – literally. For her latest art exhibition, Ilma wants to become a singular tattoo that will feature the names of all who are willing to donate to her cause. On her Kickstarter page she states, “There is something absurd & beautiful about having an accumulation of absolute strangers names draped over my pale goth skin”, she further says, “Like my art exhibitions and murals this is a social and artistic experiment! Each persons name to me represents YOU the main protagonist in your own story. I will be covered in a hundred tiny stories.”

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 10.15.09 AM


While some may scoff at the idea, or consider it absolutely absurd, you have to remember that art is a creative medium which has no bounds. Philosopher Richard Wollheim once said, that art is “one of the most elusive of the traditional problems of human culture”, and we agree. Art is an expression of one’s emotions. It’s meant for exploration of elements and executed in a manner that the artist wants you to experience – or at least understand.

With an initial goal to raise $6,000 dollars, she has now amassed just over $11k but that’s when Kickstarter suspended her account. Though she’s received no formal explanation for the suspension, she’s actively trying to reach Kickstarter staff in hopes that she can not only resolve the matter, but explain the reasoning behind her campaign.


You can read up on her campaign by clicking here.