How are you going to look when you get old? Imagine how you’re going to look when get married or wear a dress? These are all questions that have been posed to any woman who has a tattoo (or contemplating getting one) and the answer is simple, you’ll look bad ass.


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As a woman with tattoos I know how this feels. A decade ago when tattoos weren’t as accepted I’d hear similar questions but now that time has passed it’s becoming a lot less frequent. On another note, a tattoo is much like the shoes and clothes we wear as each they’re merely accessories which help define our style. In the same breath, tattoos are far more unique because they share a part of our soul and tell a story about moments in our lives.


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To further prove the point, take a look at these beautiful women who were captured during their weddings. They’re beautiful, powerful and breathtaking, so the next time some asks how you’ll look you can just smile and confidently reply, “Pretty bad ass.”


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After scoping out these pictures it’s clearly evident that the tattoos on these brides add an element of interest and mystique to each of them. The tattoos are body ornaments that help enhance the beauty they already possess, and it gives them character and charm which is unmatched along with an unbridled feeling of emotion which is contagious.


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By contributing writer Jenny V: A tattooed writer whose work has appeared in some of your favorite women’s magazine. She’s also a retired medical professional who left the world of money and medicine to settle down happily with her three cats in Hollywood Hills.