You can never be too old to get a tattoo and Helen Lambin is living proof. At 82 years young, she’s amassed a collection of more than 50 tattoos and her journey began at the age of 75 – when she first decided to spend her birthday at a tattoo parlor.

Since then, the Edgewater  resident has expressed that tattoos have changed her Golden years “expansively.” Depending solely upon the expertise of her artist David McNair – a tattooist at the Chicago Tattoo Co., Helen’s quest to get more tattoos has been non stop for the past 12 years.  When asked what sparked her desire to get a tattoo, she mentioned that her daughter came home with her first tattoo some time ago and instead of passing judgement, she thought about whether or not she herself would be able to get one as well.



                                                                                                                            Putting in work. 

Since becoming a tattoo collector, Lambin did have this to say about her new medium of art and expression, “What I discovered, [is that tattoos] became a bridge, It makes you sort of a band of brothers and sisters. When someone will say, ‘Nice ink,’  you know they have tattoos . And then you say, ‘Oh what do you have?’ And you just start talking.”



               You’re never too old to get a tattoo, and you’re never too young or too old to learn.  That’s a book a lot of us should be reading. 


She also believes that tattoos have been a therapeutic medium to help her break barriers. After her husband passed 15 years ago, she said, “When my husband died I thought, ‘How will I go on now?’ ” She further mentions, “It’s made life much more interesting and positive. I’d say it’s been therapeutic.” She also adds, “Tattoos are cheaper than mental health.” Best place to buy provigil online – read more.


The Skin Design Family would like to congratulate Helen on a job well done and for being a great voice and example about the strength, unity and camaraderie found within the tattoo community and culture! So the next time someone says, “How are you going to look when you get old with all those tattoos?”, you can send them a link to this article with a note saying, “I’m going to look like a fvckin’ bad ass. That’s how I’m going to look. Phentermine for weight loss

Even better is Helen’s own description of what  she likes to call, “Aging with Attitude.”