Now you can tattoo your favorite player without going to a tattoo shop. 

Las Vegas earns an estimated 100 million dollars each Spring from March Madness, and it’s earnings like this which creates interest. So much interest, that companies like EA Sports and Sega decided to jump in on the action and create video games which cater to specifically to the basketball market.

When Sega first launched the NBA 2K franchise in ’99, they probably didn’t think it would become this big, but their risk paid off.  The NBA 2K franchise is bigger than Madden, and it’s considered the most successful sports game of the last generation.


Now, with the release of the upcoming “NBA 2K16” the game has added yet another feature which will allow players to tattoo their favorite athletes with over 1,500 tattoo designs to choose from. You’ll be able to rotate, scale and layer tattoos and in this video released by 2K Sports, it shows some of the work offered. That said, the tattoo designs on the game will probably do justice to the ever so awkward tattoos we’ve become familiar with. And by now, we all know that a lot of basketball players have some incredibly lackluster work when it comes to the ink which disgraces their body.

The addition of this new feature may seem like a novelty (and not such a big deal) but it really is. It shows the level of attention they’ve taken to create this game, and it also shows that they don’t stay complacent.

The game is set to launch on September 29, so preorder yours now.