While working on his canvas for the show, Infinite Tide, which showcases next week, Robert’s daughter got in on the action and created a canvas of her own. Precious moments like these are both priceless and powerful, while serving as visual reminders as to why we work so hard.

To build a strong family unit requires countless hours of work, and while the stress and strife of the daily grind may consume us, we do it to sustain and enrich life. In return we’re rewarded with the money that can afford us shelter and provide food on the table, yet the one thing it can never buy or replace is the quality time spent with our kids.


Spending quality time with his family has always been a priority for Robert, and these candid moments captured by his talented wife are also proof that artistic genes run in the family. Robert would also be the first to tell you that dividing his time between work and family is a struggle, but ask anyone who’s living and breathing in the modern world and they’ll be sure to agree.

That said, life is about balance and there is no formula to perfection. The only thing we can do is try our best to set boundaries and limits, in hopes to capture moments like those seen here. Yet while you’re on the search for the perfect balance all you can do is learn to appreciate the little things, work hard and talk less. So get out there and make moves while trying to build movements, invest in yourself, dream big and love unconditionally.


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