It doesn’t look to easy to ride, but the Lexus Hoverboard is pretty incredible. 

The culmination of 18-months of work, Lexus has no plans on really launching their hoverboard – it’s merely a design exercise to show off their passion for tech, invention and ingenuity. But is it really new? Well not really. The hoverboard works by using magnetic levitation to create frictionless movement and the hoverboard is powered by liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors which are used in conjunction with a magnetic surface to act as  a gravity repellent.

In all, it’ll only run up to 15 minutes, which isn’t bad, but the charge time can run up to two hours. So how were they able to make this video? Well with a lot of money. Lexus and a company called Evico were able to pull off the project by converting a skate park in Barcelona into a temporary hoverboard skate park. The team then used a rail or tracking system which was composed of cement and wood, as well as hundreds of small magnets.