What would you do if someone walked into your tattoo parlor wanting  you to apply temporary tattoos? Would you turn them away? Or Make their day? In the case of Jason Ward, the owner of Muscle & Ink Tattoo (in Hamilton, NZ), he not only helped make one ladies day, he’s helped make her life.

It was about three months ago when a NZ woman named Suzie, who has Down syndrome, walked into his shop. She walked in and said, “Put this on me” so I did, said shop owner Mr. Ward. At the time he didn’t think much of it and figured that once it fell off she’d never come back but that was months ago and since then she’s pretty much shown up ever Friday.

It was during one of her visits, that his good friend Rochelle Douglas decided to snap a picture and post it on her Facebook and since then it went viral. It landed 180,000 likes shortly there after and has been published in newspapers like the Sydney Morning Herald and sites such as  Confessions of a Tattoo Artist, and other UK online entertainment hubs such as  The Lad Bible, which heralded Wald as a “Top Lad.”



 The original photo taken by Rochelle Douglas

So what was Suzie’s reaction to her newly found fame? She says, “It’s actually quite touching”, as she was caught wandering back into the tattoo parlor with a pack of stick-on tattoos, a huge grin and well-decorated arms. As for Ward, he didn’t think he was doing anything special up until that photo went viral and subsequently hit with tons of friend requests on FB.

Even better is the fact that when he applies the temporary tattoos as if it were a real tattoo. Jason will walk her back to a station, where he puts on the gloves while he waits for Suzie to pick the tattoo she’d like applied. Once she chooses the piece, he preps her arm and then applies it as if she were no different from any other customer.

Rightfully so, Suzie describes Ward as “beautiful”, and we tip our hats to Jason for his beautiful acts of kindness while also thanking photographer Rochelle, for not only taking the time to shoot and post the picture, but for seeing the true beauty in the moment.  In an interview with the Sydney Herald, it says that Rochelle is hoping the attention generated by her photo will remind people not to be so judgmental about tattoos, disabilities or otherwise.

Header photo by Bruce Mercer  |  Story by SDT contributor Sara
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