The Rock gives a break down of the meaning of his tattoos. What does your tattoo mean to you?

The permanency, the pain and the ritual of getting a tattoo runs more than skin deep. Tattoos are significant to each person because of the connection they have with the idea, the inspiration and the meanings behind them. In this short clip The Rock talks about his own tattoo and how it revolves around his warrior spirit, his need to protect his family as well as the incorporation of his heritage, his struggle and the strength of the women in his life.

Every client who walks in wanting a tattoo, has a meaning or a reason behind their tattoo. At worst case it may have just been a bad decision, but that decision still marks a moment in that persons life. Tattoos are an anchor of moments in life, and if you dig just a lil’ deeper (and ask some questions) you’ll get some pretty interesting stories of which are inspiring and sometimes funny.

What do your tattoos mean to you?


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