As if scratchers weren’t bad enough. The introduction of these new DIY tattoo kits are creating an uprise not only in the community, but in health department and ER admittances. Experts in the health field are currently warning anyone interested in DIY tattoo kits, about the potential dangers of infection and scarring. The practice of using these kits, often called “hand poke tattooing”, involves manually pricking the skin with a needle soaked in ink.

As of late, there has been a multitude of kits available online, and while many are attracted to the intimacy of tattooing friends, they need to understand that there are plenty of consequences. Julie Barratt, an associate from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health says it’s causing all sorts of problems.

“We are seeing people presenting at GP surgeries and at A&E with infections caused by tattoos that have been done by people with no training and who really don’t know what they’re doing,” she said.


Here are a few pictures of tattoos which became infected. *These tattoos were not done through DIY kits but by artists who did not practice the proper sterilization techniques. 


Experts are stressing the need for tattoos to be done by a professional in a clean environment to avoid the risk of infection or scarring.

People also need to keep in mind that the DIY tattoo kits may be a “cheaper” alternative, but in the end may wind up much more costly. Thus, the reason why you pay more for tattoos done by professionals. They need to pay for all the proper licensing, sterilizing machines, proper equipment and along with all that comes the experience these professional Tattooists offer.