On behalf of Skin Design, I would like to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

First off, we could have never made it this far without the friends, fans and loyal customers that have supported us throughout the years.  As artists, the foundation of our business, as well as the development of our growth, is found in those who are willing to trust us with their skin.  The bottom line, with no canvases, there is no art, and without art, there is no artist.  So thank you again.

Second, I want to personally thank my Skin Design Family for all of their hard work. The loyalty you have given me throughout the years is priceless and because of you I have not only learned, but also grown so much as an artist. Aside from that, you have helped make me a much better person, so thank you for all the inspiration and your continued drive. This combined excellence has made us what we are known for today.

This year also marks my 25th anniversary as a tattoo artist, and I could not be more proud of what tattooing has become today.  Skin Design started off as a passion project as well as a way of supporting my family. It has given me the ability to exercise my skills, and improve my talents, and back then no one could have ever convinced me that the industry would have developed into what it is today.


With that said, at last, I have to thank my beautiful wife and kids.  Without them I would have never made it this far.  They are my back bone, and they are the driving force behind the joy, the pain, and the challenges which have helped mold me as an artist.  They were there to support my dreams, and despite any setbacks, they continue to be the reason I wake up each day and push harder.

In closing, this industry was built on the essence of optimism, good-naturedness, and the capacity to do more.  We are very excited for 2015, and have so much more in store for the near future, so lets keep moving forward and I hope to see you all in 2015.  Cheers to a New Year!

With Respect,