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Roots Run Deep: Tattoos with a personal touch.

Having your friend come up with the ideas for your next tattoo makes it that much more personal.


Dots & Lines tattoo: Tree of Life tattoo by artist Andy Pho.

Every time a customer walks into our tattoo shop it’s always an experience. You’ve got your customers that don’t know what they want, the others who know what they want, but don’t have the budget, and every once in a while you get someone that walks in and leaves an impressionable mark.

Well that was the case with Nick. When he walked into our shop and told us what he wanted, it seemed like a basic transaction, but after Andy dug a little deeper he found out that Nick has been asking his close friends to come up with the ideas for his next piece – at which point he goes to local tattoo artists to have them designed and tattooed on him.

Looking back, it’s a really cool thought process for collecting tattoos and the ultimate form of trust and gratitude. This tattoo, which Nick calls, “Tree of Life”, is the latest to be added to his collection, and was done by resident artist Andy Pho.

In all, it was yet another great story shared by a customer, and it goes to show you that there’s plenty to learn so long as you’re willing to dig a little deeper and learn about who you’re tattooing and why they’re getting it done.

The bottom line is this, as the industry has grown many artists that have lost that personal connection (and conversation) between the art and the customer. As a tattoo artist, you have to remember that tattoos are one of thee most permanent and painful types of art. It’s an art where a customer is trusting you with a living canvas, so why not build a connection with your customer and make it an experience that you both won’t forget.

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