At first glance this may look like an ad for Pringles, but that’s up until you see the lettering beneath it that says, “Fuck Cancer.” With colors so vibrant, your next assumption is that it’s been Photoshopped, but again…it’s not. This tattoo was done by our newest resident artist, David “Vandal” Ruiz, and here’s the story behind the tattoo.

This tattoo was done on a client who had four members pass away from cancer. At the time of the tattoo, the client had a fifth family member diagnosed (and in the later stages), so to honor his family members he had this tattoo done. So why the Pringles Man logo? Well that was the clients last name.

This tattoo shows that even in tragedy, a little bit of humor and comic relief can be found, but even more important to take home is the fact that every tattoo has a story – it’s just up to us to find out. It’s also reminder that life is precious, so spend your time wisely and let the people closest to you know that you love ’em.