Nick Santonastasso is nothing short of pure inspiration. His postiive attitude is contagious, his humor is uncontested, and he’s a role model for so many, including us. Born with Hanhart Syndrome, the rare genetic disorder is the reason he was born with only one arm and no legs. But has his disabilities stopped him from living his dream and achieving what most full-bodied beings only dream of? Absolutely not.

Nick has appeared in countless prank videos, has been invited to prank the cast of The Walking Dead, and his compilation videos on Vine and Youtube are hits. Just take a look at a few of the videos below and he’ll have you motivated and inspired!

You can follow him on Facebook by clicking here.

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Inside The Ink Episode 2: Big Ant

In this episode of Behind the Ink by Skin Design Tattoos we meet Roberts long term friend Anthony. In this episode they reminiscence about the past, and the humble beginning of Robert Pho’s Tattoo Journey which started in Anthony’s Parents Garage in California. Ant: How’s it going I’m Anthony I do the Lazer tattoo removal at skin design and I’m

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