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“A customer once told us that the best place to get a tattoo in Las Vegas, was in L.A.”

…and that left us baffled.

When we heard our customer tell us that, we were puzzled. I mean, this is a customer whom we considered family, and he’s the same person who left us a Yelp review saying that were the best shop in Vegas which is why he’d been coming here for the past six years!

So as we stood there in silence, the customer started laughing hysterically and while we all giggled in discomfort, he said, “Let me explain.”

In short, our customer, a low key exec who lives in Los Angeles, told us that getting tattooed was all he thought about while he was running his business. He said that the thought of getting new ink left him ecstatic. “It was a stress reliever, it helped me get my mind off of work” says James. He also mentioned that as his scheduled dates approached, the sleepless nights and excitement filled him with a joyful anxiety – up until he got here to Vegas.

So we asked him why getting the tattoo here in Vegas was such a problem, and he said that it was because of the shift in his mindset. He went on to explain that the his mindset changed the minute he left Los Angeles, and that while he enjoyed the ritual of getting ink done, he was then too busy worrying about how his business was running back in L.A.


Managing this many people could cause anxiety. 

He added, “Once I get to Vegas, the calls, the texts and the emails don’t stop pouring in from my staff.” He then added, “It’s weird how everything changes but I still truly do enjoy the experience. I just wish I could stop worrying about work.”

To that, we said that we could help him, and when he asked how, we simply replied, “Shut off your phone.” So after a good chuckle, his phone started pouring in with calls and emails and soon thereafter he ended up doing exactly that. He shut off his phone.


How could a guy that lives like this ever be stressed about work? Lol.

So why are we sharing this story with you? Well, we’re just sharing this story because of the humor and the truth behind it. Getting tattooed is an experience (a ritual for some) that should be enjoyed and truly experienced. We soon realized that many of the other entrepreneurs that get tatted here share the same experience and the sad fact of the matter is that many are absorbed with the daily grind.

So in short, the moral of the story is, enjoy your tattoo experience by making sure that arrive to your artist’s studio with a fresh, free and clear mind. To do this, here’s our recommendations:

1. Try to prepare in advance by clearing up your schedule and making sure that your staff, and (or) your coworkers, are all up to speed with what needs to be done at the office in your absence.

2. Have a person that will act as your liaison and be sure to let them know that you should only be contacted if it’s an extreme emergency. If you don’t have a liaison, then let them know the times and dates that you will NOT be available. This will ensure that you won’t be disturbed during your session – unless of course it’s absolutely necessary. 

3. If all else fails, shut off your phone. 

Hopefully this helps some of you out, but if you’re already down with the program, (or have better advice) then share it with someone who has this problem because getting a tattoo should be a time of bliss spent between you and your favorite artist.


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