This weekend’s fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather is just days away and the anticipation is insane. With oodles of money on the line, the $300 million which they’ll split is just the tip of it. Projected wagers are expected to be around $100 million which is what experts have claimed to be “Super Bowl sized dough” and this is jut the beginning.

Hundreds of millions will be spent on hotel rooms, wining, dining and clubbing and Vegas is going to turn into a wildfire of economic proportions. Tickets for this event alone have hit an all time high with a record ticket being sold for just under $41,000!

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So who are you betting on?





Manny got a chance to see the tattoo and he then signed the piece. Shortly after the signature was also tattooed permanently.  




Who are you voting for? Here’s a manny Pacquiao tattoo done by artist Robert Pho

Nike filmed a short video that gives Pacman fans an inside look at him training as well as his thoughts on preparing mentally, physically and spiritually. He also talks about how he blocks out distraction and train his mind. It’s also a good video to learn from because it demonstrates that you have to do more than sit around to accomplish your goals. Talking with no action results in failure.

Have you ever heard about the champ that sat around and waited for handouts? Neither have we.

Here’s our favorite quote from the Manny,

You have to survive. You need to go through the hardwork before you get the crown. ~ M. Pacquiao.