The image above might come off as a bit humorous, but there’s plenty of truth behind it. As we start off a New Year, understand that each and everyone one of us has the power to influence those around us. Enthusiasm, much like pessimism, is contagious so watch what you project, and watch what you accept.

As equally important is that we immerse ourselves with like-minded folks that are pushing for a constant and common goal. Regardless if you want to become a better artist, a better athlete, or become a better person, we need to keep the company of people that are looking to constantly improve their lives – or the lives around them.

So as you kick off the New Year, shake the dead weight and surround yourself with people that are positive and energetic! Remember, the fish rots from the head first, so filter what your mind sees, your body eats and remove the parasites that are just there for the free ride!

– By SDT contributor Jake Franberg – A caffeine based life-form.