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Skin Design Tattoos has now become a destination point for
both tattoo collectors and artists from all over the world

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Skin Design Tattoos has now become a destination point for both tattoo collectors and artists from all over the world. It is in this 4,000+ square foot space that Robert Pho and his colleagues work day and night to bring the artistic visions of their clients to life.

As such, Skin Design Tattoos offers a number of services that include:

Photo Realism ● Black and Gray ● Portraits ● Color Tattoos ● Color Realism ● Polynesian Tattoos ● Japanese Tattoos ● Cover-ups ● Laser tattoo removal services

Skin Design Tattoos is the base of operations for the world renowned black and grey tattoo master, Robert Pho. With over 25 years of experience, this soft-spoken artistic genius has built a stellar reputation for his mastery of gradient shading, realistic portraits, and black and gray fine line work. He is constantly honing his craft and, as a result, has gained a worldwide following as well as an impressive list of awards and accolades.

Some of them include:

Pacific In & Art Expo 2016
Tattoo of the Event

New York Empire State Expo 2016
First Place Coverup
Second Place Sleeve
Second Place Large Black & Gray
Second Place Chest Panel

Art Gathering LA
Best Back/Chest Panel
Best Arm/Leg Sleeve
Best Black and Gray

Viva La Tinta 2015
Best Creative Design
Best Black and Grey

But, it wasn’t always this way

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In his early years, he fell in with the wrong crowd, which led to a 7-year stint in prison. Many believe that a jail sentence can lead to even darker paths. But, for a young Robert Pho, it was a lifesaver. It was here that he fell in love with the art and technique of black and white tattoos and his passion for the genre was ignited.

After he served his time, Robert decided to open up a shop in North Carolina but was faced with bureaucratic red tape and community disapproval. Thankfully, his determination helped him to cut through his obstacles and gain the approval of the community. His passion was palpable and his ability to share his love of the art turned him into quite a successful tattoo activist.

Just a few years later, he relocated to Las Vegas and opened up a new studio. His intention wasn’t to build one of the largest tattoo shops in the area. But, somehow, things just happened to work out this way. His only desire was to create a space that would accommodate artists, families, and friends. And, in so doing, Skin Design Tattoos turned into a space that personifies the spirit and essence of the Las Vegas Nightlife.

Interested in learning more? Check out the galleries on this site to see the masterpieces created by the award winning artists at Skin Design Tattoos. And, if you like what you see, give us a call or visit our studio today.

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