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Angel Antunez Skin Design Tattoo Artist

I first started tattooing in 2012 during an apprenticeship at Jose Lopez’s Low Rider Tattoo. What first began as an interest quickly became passion. I’ve always had a big interest in art, but the medium of tattooing had a much stronger effect on my life (black and grey tattooing in particular). Born and raised in Santa Ana, California I never had a formal introduction to tattoos though some of my family members had them. During my short career, inspiration is never hard to find. Artists such as Jose Lopez, Robert Pho, and Fernie Andrade continue to set the bar higher and show upcoming artists like myself what hard work and dedication can achieve. The day I decided to truly dedicate my life to tattooing and my career as an artist, everything else went out the window. I look at my short journey and realize I have a long way to go and a lot to learn thought I am ecstatic to see what’s ahead. I’ve come to realize that not everyone will agree with what you choose to do, which makes me appreciate those who support and encourage me that much more. I am very thankful for my wife, my two children, my mother and father for being so supportive. Thank you to my uncle and biggest fan Albert Lopez (R.I.P.) for always believing in me. I could not be any happier to be where I am today alongside the Skin Design family. Lastly, a big thank you to Robert Pho for giving me the opportunity to work under the same roof as some of my favorite artists.