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Laser Tattoo Removal
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Anthony Agoncillo

“With more than 63 million people on the earth with a tattoo, Anthony Agoncillo is a blessing to those who want to have a tattoo removed. As the laser tattoo removal specialist at Skin Design, Anthony is no stranger to the procedure and actually began as a client of the same laser tattoo removal system – before becoming a trained operator.

An avid tattoo collector himself, Anthony has been working towards a full-body suit with Robert Pho. In addition to being a collector, he also understands how to best remove tattoos using this specialized laser procedure and in a short time span, Anthony has become skilled enough to be known as the “go-to guy” when it comes to Las Vegas tattoo removal. So if you’re looking to get a tattoo of your ex-wife or ex-husband’s name off of your back then give him a call – he’ll be glad to help.

Anthony is also Robert Pho’s right-hand man so if you’re looking for some funny stories about their humble beginnings, then be sure to ask him because he’s got plenty of stories to tell. From L.A. to North Carolina and now Las Vegas, Anthony is the first employee to have joined Skin Design and to this day, he still remains his right-hand man – how’s that for loyalty?”

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