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Claude Estrada

My name is Claude Estrada. I am Los Angeles born and Vegas raised. I launched my tattoo career here in beautiful sin city. I began my passion quest as a freelance artist at the age of sixteen, with high hopes in animation. My love for art ventures me into various forms of art mediums. I dabbled in everything from watercolor to pencil and ink. However once I discovered the art of tattooing, there was no going back. I fell in love with tattoos and was able to land an apprenticeship that lasted a little over 2 years. I established my roots in American traditional tattooing, focusing on bold lines, solid color and strong design. After specializing in American traditional, I ventured into other styles. Now I specialize in versatility and I enjoy capturing an idea with the best style to represent it. Whether it’s color, black and grey, Japanese style or fine line, I can approach any project with a unique perspective. Although my career is still young, I look forward to learning as much as possible here at skin design, among the best artists around.

Located in Las, Vegas
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