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Jake Ingersoll

Jake Ingersoll is a true Las Vegas native. Born and raised here in the city, he found his love of art early on and doesn’t remember a time in his childhood that he wasn’t excited to color and paint. He knew he wanted to pursue art and enrolled in The Art Institute of Las Vegas to study media arts and animation. After a few years of enrollment, Jake decided that the cost of schooling wasn’t sustainable and instead resorted to learning the family trade- locksmithing. He continued to work as a locksmith for over ten years while building a family with his beautiful wife, Blair, and having two awesome kids. With a third kid on the way, he began to question his career path and wondered if there was something more fulfilling out there that would also sustain his growing family. With various friends already in the tattoo industry, they encouraged Jake to give it a shot and he was convinced it would be a path that would keep him interested and happy long-term. He sought out an apprenticeship and ended up at a local shop, Precious Slut, where he learned the basics and began to develop his skills. When he felt he had hit his potential after working there for four years, he decided it was time to leave his first shop to peruse an environment where he could continue to develop his craft. This was what brought him to Skin Design Tattoo. His potential was recognized and the Skin Design family continues to enjoy his sunny disposition and desire to grow as an artist. He enjoys being able to acquire knowledge from some of the most well-respected artists in the industry and apply it to his own work.

Jake is our go-to guy Las Vegas tattoo shop for most color and illustrative work. He particularly enjoys getting to practice his color realism or anything animation related. If he sounds like the right fit for you, contact us to set an appointment today!

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