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My name is Lynn Hoang. I was born and raised in beautiful Vietnam and moved to Pennsylvania when I was 14. I have always had a strong passion for art and tattoos so becoming a tattoo artist was inevitable. I started tattooing in April 2016 and since then I no longer suffered from depression. Tattoos truly make me happy.

I moved to Hawaii in September 2018. And coincidentally one of my all-time favorite tattoo artists, Robert Pho, had recently opened up his new Hawaii location. It’s been a blessing to work under a living legend like him. Skin Design Tattoos is my second family. Everyone here cares about my growth and helps me reach my full potential as an artist.

I love tattooing everything from black and grey to color realism. Although I love when clients give me creative freedom, I also like working with clients’ specific requests as my ultimate goal is to give them a tattoo that they are proud to wear forever.

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