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Orlando Quintanilla

My name is Orlando Quintanilla, born and raised in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. My life has revolved around art since a very young age after watching and learning under my oldest brother, and one of my biggest influences, Manuel Gonzalez. I began my tattoo journey at the age of 16, tattooing all of my friends and family. By the time I was able to be in a tattoo shop, I started my apprenticeship straight out of high school under my first mentor Eric ‘Big E’ Pele. Since then my life has been focused on nothing but family, tattooing, and continually growing as an artist.

After I felt I needed to fulfill my potential as an artist, I decided to reach out to the best of the best; Robert Pho and the Skin Design Tattoo family to learn and become the best artist I can be. Thankfully, I was given the opportunity to work under the skin design name with an amazing group of talented individuals where the main priorities are continuous growth and beautiful tattooing.

When it comes to tattoos, my main goal is to give the client a memorable experience and something they will love for the rest of their life. I enjoy tattooing anything from black and grey to illustrative color. Although, I am always looking to start new projects with new ideas.