What’s the most painful spot for a tattoo?

Whats the most painful spot for a tattoo

Anyone planning to get a tattoo needs to accept one simple fact: it’s probably going to hurt. Tattoos essentially involve lots of little needles, moving at very fast speeds, injecting ink into the lower layers of your skin. The final result might look fantastic, but the process itself isn’t particularly fun to experience, and if […]

What To Do When Your Tattoo Itches? Scratchy Aftercare

What To Do When Your Tattoo Itches

If you’ve ever had a tattoo, you’ll be all too familiar with the feeling of the itchy and scratchy tattoo period that we all have to endure. It’s an uncomfortable sensation that requires a high amount of patience, as one scratch or picking off a scabbed tattoo could permanently damage the design and make it […]

Tattoo Needle Sizes and Uses Chart: Complete Guide

Tattoo Needle Sizes and Uses Chart: Complete Guide

If you are entering the world of tattooing, you might be a little bit confused by all the different types of tattoo needles available. How is a round liner tattoo needle different from a magnum or a Bugpin tattoo needle? How do you know which one to use with different kinds of tattoos? Our guide […]

Everything You Need to Know About Vegan Tattoos

Everything You Need Know About Vegan Tattoos

You might well be shocked to learn that getting a tattoo can often not be vegan! If you have recently gone vegan and want to get yourself inked, you can do so, but you need to find specific vegan tattoos. How are Tattoos Non-Vegan? So, what is it that makes tattoos not vegan? Is tattoo […]

How to Prepare Your Skin for a Tattoo

How to Prepare Your Skin for a Tattoo

There are a plethora of references about tattoo aftercare tips online. However, when it comes to pre-tattoo preparation, there’s hardly any. Or if there is, it’s likely not substantial. We think that only a few people really take the time to do some research and prepare themselves before getting inked. And that’s a let down […]

7 Questions You Should Ask Before Going to a Tattoo Shop

7 Questions You Should Ask Before Going to a Tattoo Shop

Let’s face it, once you get inked–there’s no turning back. Getting a tattoo is not just a huge commitment, it’s also life-changing. So if you’re considering breaking skin for the first time or finally completing that sleeve, you should start educating yourself so you won’t have any regrets. Realize that the experience of getting a […]

To Tip or Not To Tip: That is the question

To Tip Not To Tip Question

Quite frankly, no one always knows what to do when it comes to tipping. The whole tipping thing can be so confusing and awkward. When it comes to tipping situations, the following questions are probably involved: – Who and when should you tip? – How much to tip? – When do you leave it? Along […]


Tattoos Using The Ash Loved Ones

Would you do it? Getting a tattoo using the ashes of a loved one might seem morbid to some, but for others it’s the ultimate form of love of dedication. According to one tattoo shop manager in Toronto, “Ashes are essentially carbon and carbon is the main ingredient in black ink”. To read this full […]


Owl Tattoo Photo

Owl portrait tattoo by artist, Andy Pho Tattoos always have some back end story, and this owl tattoo is no different. Whether it’s the significance of it’s meaning, its relativity to its roll in nature, there’s always a reason why people adore them. For the Greeks, the owl is sacred to the goddess of learning and […]


Zeiss ExoLens

The ultimate gadget if you take all your tattoo photos with a Smart Phone.  This new collaboration between Carl Zeiss and ExoLens is a must-have – especially if you like taking great pics with your smartphone. Carl Zeiss has long won the world over with their brilliant glass/ lens work and they’ve done collaborations with […]