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Skin Design Tattoo Removal was created to provide individuals with an elegant, welcoming, and sterile environment to remove unwanted tattoos. While we highly recommend making an appointment, we do accept walk-in customers should they be willing to wait for an opening.

Our service is friendly, safe and our state of the art equipment is the most effective solution to remove unwanted tattoos. Aside from removing tattoos, we also offer packages to lighten tattoos or completely remove them. We also offer free consultations and can guide you through the procedures, as well as a timeline and schedule as to how long it may take to remove your unwanted, old, or faded pieces.

If you’re ready to make a change, are curious about our service, or would like to schedule a consultation, please click this here to schedule your FREE, no-obligation consultation. During the consultation, we’ll address any questions or concerns, measure the size of your tattoo, and assess the inks that were used. From there, you will get a FREE estimate of the number of treatments needed to remove your tattoo, and if scheduling permits, we will start your treatments immediately afterward, saving you even more time.

Ready to make a change?

Get Rid of Old and Unwanted Tattoo

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Has a drunken night’s mistake left you marked with a bad or regrettable piece of art? Or do you simply want more room for some fresh work? If so then Skin Design offers the best tattoo removal in Vegas.

Perhaps the most common situation we’ve experienced with our customers is them wanting us to help get rid of their ex. Now we’re not talking about getting rid of them with a shovel and garbage bag. Instead we’re talking about removing their name and/ or portrait. In short, they simply want their ex off their back…and sometimes their necks.

Now when it comes to laser tattoo removal in Las Vegas, Skin Design has built a reputation as being the leaders in eradicating old ink. Our specially trained staff has years of experience removing everything from color work to black and grey and if you are wondering if there is a difference, then the answer is yes. The ability to remove past work is dependent upon a few factors. Here are a few things which need to be examined:

  • The color of your ink. Black is the easiest to remove and as your move up the color spectrum other colors become harder to remove.
  • The type of ink used. There are different types of ink used and the effectiveness of the removal process varies depending on ink type. For example, if you are dealing with ink which was made in prison then the difficulty levels become much higher.
  • Your skin type. Different types of skin react different to any type of removal. Our qualified specialists can help determine and assess which skin type you are.
  • Tattoos are made up of layers of ink. The more layers, the more difficult it will be to remove.
  • The location of the piece you want removed has a direct correlation with how effective each pass will be.

Those are just a few of the variables one must consider when it comes time to get laser tattoo removal. Las Vegas residents have long considered us the most professional establishment in the area and our results are both proven and effective.

In addition, you have to keep in mind that the amount of time it takes to remove your unwanted piece will vary, but we have had proven results in less sessions when compared to other facilities. We also use a predictive scale which is called a “Kirby-Desai Scale” and that is used to assess the potential success and number of treatments which will be required to get the job done. This way you will have a good idea as to how many session will be required.

Our staff has over 30 years of collective experience as tattooists, so we understand the art of how the ink is applied, and that knowledge in itself has become an instrumental tool in helping us with tattoo removal. Las Vegas residents have voted us as their top choice when it comes to this craft and we take pride in our work as well as our customer service, orientation and education.

Stop on by for a free, no-pressure consultation and let us help you get rid of your unwanted past.

Tattoo Removal FAQs

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