Joan Sebastian tattoo by Fernie Andrade. 

This memorial tattoo of Joan Sebastian was done by Las Vegas tattoo artist, Mr. Andrade. Mr. Sebastian was the fabled Mexican singer/songwriter who rose from the ranks of a poverty-stricken childhood in Mexico, and became one of the most recorded, acclaimed and best selling acts in Mexico.

Aside from being a musician, Joan Sebastian was an accomplished producer, actor on both television and film but set all those aside and he was known as being one of the best entertainers of our time. Some of his accomplishments include insane Billboard charts, up until his passing.

He charted 10 top 10 sets on Top Latin Albums, including two No. 1s: En Vivo: Desde La Plaza El Progreso De Guadalajara (2001) and 13 Celebrando El 13 (2013), his last studio album.



Keith Richards tattoo by Fernie Andrade

The latest tattoo by artist Fernie Andrade is heavy. The detail, the texture, the shading and the overall image is a powerful one which pays homage to the legendary Keith Richards.

This tattoo also serves as testament to Fernie Andrade’s skills with the tattoo machine. In addition, this significant piece is sure to become even more incredible once it’s healed. The photo above was taken right after the tattoo was done but we’ll have updated photos once it’s all healed up so you can see the difference.


The inspiration for this tattoo was based off of a animation/ cartoon drawing done by artist Tiago Hoisel. The artist, who was born in Brazil, has created some amazing caricatures of famous and non-famous people and characters and his work is simply incredible. To see more of his work click here, and to see more from tattooist Fernie Andrade you can click here.

About Keith Richards:

The English born musician, actor, songwriter and original member of The Rolling Stones, is simply legendary. Rolling Stone Magazine credits him as “rock’s greatest single body of riffs” on guitar and ranked him 4th on its list of 100 best guitarists. Fourteen of the songs that Richards wrote with the Rolling Stones’ lead vocalist Mick Jagger are listed among Rolling Stone magazine’s “500 Greatest Songs of All Time”.






Looking for Asian/ Oriental style tattoos with style beyond compare? Look no further. 

Asian tattoos provide a look and feel beyond compare. The artistry, detail, and rich cultural heritage that stands behind the art is simply incredible, and the interpretations of the imagery powerful and mystical. Seen here, is the latest piece by master tattooist, Robert Pho. The depth, accuracy, and detail of the piece is strikingly incredible and it’s proof once again that there are levels to the game.

Regardless if they are Chinese, Japanese or Cambodian tattoos, they are commonly referenced to as Oriental tattoos and they have long been a raging phenomenon among tattoo enthusiasts of the western world. Chinese tattoos offer beautiful characters with a sense of the exotic and often much deeper meaning than that which lies on the surface.

Often referred to in China as Ci Shen (Or Wen Shen), which literally translates to “puncture the body”, tattoos have not always been looked upon with good grace, but the times are slowly changing and conceptual and societal perceptions are changing.  Do some homework and you’ll find that the vast majority of Chinese groups have become more accepting, but for the minority, they are not only a tradition but a traditional part of life – take for example the Dulong and Dai tribes, along with the Li people of Hainan Island.

For these tribes and smaller part of the community, tattoos are an important part of life. They mark achievements, accomplishments and at times mark the entry into adulthood.



Oriental tattoos by Andy Pho

Asian tattoos, Oriental tattoos, call it what you’d like but this style is simply timeless. The tattoo above was done by tattoo artist Andy Pho, and the full wrap around leg sleeve came out absolutely incredible. In addition to adding the clouds and the Hannya mask, the tattooed leg sleeve also has a portrait of Geisha girl as well as many other asian themed subjects and images.

If you’re interested in some of the cleanest asian style tattoos in the game, then be sure to drop by Skin Design located in the Chinatown District of Las Vegas, NV. With over 40 years of collective experience, Skin Design is hailed as one of the best tattoo shops not only in Las Vegas but all throughout the world.

Our staff of highly trained artisans have won some of the highest accolades in the industry bu we’re more proud of setting a benchmark for the ultimate tattoo experience. Stop on by if you’re in or around town and if you have any questions please feel free to drop us a line.


clown-tattoo-vegas-pho copy


Looking for a clown tattoo? Here’s a great example. 




When a client approached tattoo artist Robert Pho to do a sleeved clown tattoo, it was game on. This assembly of clowns and circus themed tattoos came out incredible and it’s the start of a massive body suit which is simply, clownin’. With existing tattoos being removed via laser, this body suit is a work in progress and it’s sure to go down as legendary. In addition to clowns and circus themes, this person also decided to include multiple themes on different body parts including one leg sleeve tattoo which is family oriented, and another leg which is all mob related.

In all, it’s an intense piece that will be revealed in entirety soon enough so stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted on any more progress. As always, thanks for stopping by the site and hope you’re having a great Monday!


Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 8.35.17 AM

Make up is an art. It’s a form of accented self-expression, and when it comes to getting creative and causing a stir, well Laura Jenkinson is all the rage. Based out of London, she’s turned her hobby into an occupation that’ll have you cracking up and mesmerized.

[/smart-grid] Using her face as a canvas, she’s been drawing cartoon characters around her mouth, while her teeth and lips help accentuate each piece. They’re hilarious pieces of art that are sure to keep you tripping and it’s proof once again that art is all about perspective. Stay creative and make sure to follow her on IG @laurajenkinson








Robert Pho’s gallery has been updated with new photos. Please click here to view.


How are you going to look when you get old? Imagine how you’re going to look when get married or wear a dress? These are all questions that have been posed to any woman who has a tattoo (or contemplating getting one) and the answer is simple, you’ll look bad ass.


Image courtesy of Crystal Stokes / Via

As a woman with tattoos I know how this feels. A decade ago when tattoos weren’t as accepted I’d hear similar questions but now that time has passed it’s becoming a lot less frequent. On another note, a tattoo is much like the shoes and clothes we wear as each they’re merely accessories which help define our style. In the same breath, tattoos are far more unique because they share a part of our soul and tell a story about moments in our lives.


mage courtesy of Fifteen Photography /


Image courtesy of Mark Stern /

To further prove the point, take a look at these beautiful women who were captured during their weddings. They’re beautiful, powerful and breathtaking, so the next time some asks how you’ll look you can just smile and confidently reply, “Pretty bad ass.”


Image courtesy of Erin Jean Photography /


Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

After scoping out these pictures it’s clearly evident that the tattoos on these brides add an element of interest and mystique to each of them. The tattoos are body ornaments that help enhance the beauty they already possess, and it gives them character and charm which is unmatched along with an unbridled feeling of emotion which is contagious.


Image courtesy of Feather Love Photography / Via

By contributing writer Jenny V: A tattooed writer whose work has appeared in some of your favorite women’s magazine. She’s also a retired medical professional who left the world of money and medicine to settle down happily with her three cats in Hollywood Hills. 


Yup. It’s exactly what you think it is. It’s bacteria. To be exact, this piece was inspired from a close up look at the salmonella and ecoli bacteria.



Rogan Brown plays with the architecture of nature and organic growth, and in each of his pieces he creates bold works which are defined, designed and identified by patterns and motifs that occur in the natural world. Both in different contexts and at different scales, both macroscopic and microscopic, Rogan has have developed an aesthetic vocabulary that is translated into a different medium used to construct hybrid sculptural forms, half real, half surreal.


An intimate look at his pieces makes you impatience and we couldn’t even imagine cutting sheet after sheet of paper with a scalpel and the repeated process is enough to drive anyone mad. But when asked why he chose paper as his medium his explanation was sharp, as he says, ” [It] embodies the paradoxical qualities that we see in nature: its fragility and durability, its strength and delicacy.”


See more of his work here.


Pretty trippy video capture of an artist putting in work and creating a piece of floating art. Wait for the end. It’s a trip.