Las Vegas has always been known for the glitz, the glamour and its insane night life, but they’ve also become famous for fine cuisine, world class resorts and now it can include tattoos.

Skin Design Tattoo has become the leading purveyor of the fine art tattoos in the Las Vegas area. Aside from their stunning work, their attention to detail is evident in everything from the products they carry, the artists they employ all the way to the way they designed their HQ.

With a 4,000 sq. ft. state of the art facility, Skin Design Tattoo wanted to make sure that the Vegas experience doesn’t end at the Strip. Located just a few minutes from the infamous Strip, Skin Design has become a global icon housing some of the best black and grey tattoo artists in the game.


So if you’re looking for portraits, landscapes, memorial tattoos – or even laser tattoo removal – then stop on by and see what we’re all about. With over 50 years of collective experience, our staff is geared at providing the ultimate tattoo experience and all consultations are free so stop on by.



The most highly rated tattoo removal system in Vegas.

Aside from being home to a family of award-winning, and published tattooists, Skin Design also offers laser tattoo removal.


The most effective laser tattoo removal system in Las Vegas

Old or unwanted tattoos no longer need to haunt your life, let alone your skin. At Skin Design Tattoo Removal, our experienced staff, certified laser tech, and in-house doctor, can help you remove unwanted ink. Aside from being able to get pain medication prescribed, our state of the art tattoo removal system is the most effective and highly-rated units in the Vegas community.

Pictured above is a before and after photo of an unwanted tattoo after just four sessions. Also remember that a tattoo does not have to be entirely removed if you’re doing a cover up. Tattoo removal can be done completely, partially or in some cases we can simply lighten or fade it as shown above.

At Skin Design we offer free consultation, can give your our professional opinion and help you achieve the end results you’ve been looking for.

To see more of our laser tech’s gallery please click here.

Skin Design Tattoo Removal provided the best service yet! It was a lot faster than I thought, and the staff was very knowledgeable and accommodating. ~ Lynn Burton (Patient)

I went to Anthony for tattoo removal and I’m glad. After going to another local spot for my first treatment, I was referred by another artist to Skin Design and I’ve stayed here since. ~ Fernando (Patient) 


Recent reports have indicated that close to 25% of the U.S. population has some sort of tattoo and that a little more than 50 percent would like some (or all of it) removed. If you’re one of the 50 percent then this article may be of interest to you.

At Skin Design we use the latest version of the Q-Switch laser, which became commercially available back in the 1990’s. It’s currently the most effective treatment to remove unwanted ink and while we could explain it in depth it’s much easier to watch this video here.

This video provides a good breakdown of how laser tattoo removal works. It’s a good segment which showcases the mechanical and biological aspect of how they are removed from the body. 

What should you expect during a Laser Tattoo Removal session?

Here’s what you can expect…

  • Smaller tattoos will require fewer pulses while larger ones require more. In either case, the tattoo requires several treatments and multiple visits. At each treatment, the tattoo should become progressively lighter.
  • You will be asked to wear protective eye goggles .
  • The pulses of the laser on the skin will feel different on each patient. The feelings have been described as a splash of  grease from a frying pan or the snapping of a rubber band on the skin. 

Is the pain of laser tattoo removal unbearable?
Unlike tattoos, we have never had a patient require anesthesia, and we have never had a patient “tap out” or stop the procedure because they couldn’t handle the pain.We’ve seen tiny little women handle the pain better than bigger guys but in the end it’s all about your own pain tolerance.

Anyone who would like to get an unwanted tattoo removed will benefit. The emotional scarring of an unwanted tattoo is horrendous. So what will it take? Well, the removal of a tattoo all depends on many factors which includes: the color of the ink, the type of ink used, the age of the tattoo as well as the patients skin type. The best way to find out exactly how you’re skin will react is to come in to consult a professional.




Laser tattoo removal offers very little risk of scarring and it’s the safest method of ink removal when compared to others. Methods like excision, dermabrasion or salabrasion have been mentioned to work but with very ineffective and lengthy results.


A while back, Strip LV Magazine from Las Vegas did an interview with Robert about his upbringing. In the interview they talked about his influences, as well as his vision behind Skin Design Tattoo. It’s a good article and an informative read that definitely sheds light on the man behind Skin Design Tattoos. To view the full article click on the image below.

Strip LV Magazine - Robert Pho interview



The skill level of today’s tattoo artists trump what was once available, and with so many skilled artisans being introduced each year, their work may leave you in awe – or in agony. So what do you do when you’ve got an older tattoo that you want updated with a modern masterpiece? Well, thanks to modern day technology and laser tattoo removal, you can know have older work lightened and then revamped with a cover up tattoo as seen here.

jesus thorns tattoo

 This is just the first phase of a tattoo which will eventually cover up all the old work. 

This photo here was taken of one our clients who had a portrait done some time ago by another artist. As time passed on, he wanted a much bigger portrait, and a piece which was more realistic so he came in for a few laser treatments to lighten up the original tattoo, and months later came back and followed it up with a cover up tattoo by Robert Pho.

The end result is a visually stunning piece which boasts plenty of detail and it’s proof that you don’t have to live with unwanted work. The bottom line, life’s too short to live with a tattoo that you don’t want, so be aware that you now have options.

Feel free to call us with any questions, and we’ll be glad to offer free consultation and advice.


Don’t think for one minute that you’re forever stuck with an outdated or old tattoo. Great cover ups are just a phone call away, all you have to do is go the right artist to help make your past disappear. Here’s a great example of a cover up, click on the image to see the before pictures.


. You can view the full size image by clicking here.


Just in case you forgot….Skin Design Tattoos is also home to one of the leading laser tattoo removal facilities in Las Vegas. The machine we use is the most effective in the market so make sure to drop us a line, or come by the shop if you have any questions. Also, be sure to ask about our treatment specials and multi-session packages.


The premiere laser tattoo removal system in Las Vegas!


Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! As we write the final chapters on the few last days of 2014, it’s time again to start a New Year and hopefully you’ve already got a jump on 2015. It’s going to be that time where many of us make – and soon after break – New Year’s resolutions but we wish you the best in all your endeavors. As for us, we’ve got some plans that we intend to stick to for 2015 so we’ll keep you updated on the planning process as well as the progress.


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Standing guard: It’s all in the details.


If you’ve ever fantasized about getting with Ciara, then nows your chance. The relationship between her and rapper “Future” didn’t seem to pan out and back in September she returned her 15 carat ring Avianne & Co diamond ring. To help seal the deal, she’s now used laser tattoo removal to get rid of her former fiance’s initials which she had tattooed on her ring finger. She removed the initial “N”, which stands for Nayvadius, her ex’s name, and that not only puts the nail in his coffin but indicates that she’s back on the market. Now the only question is, where are you going to get the money to replace a 15 ct. ring? Dreaming never hurt anyone and there’s no Future in  your frontin’, and apparently his as well.


Speaking of laser tattoo removal, if you’re in or around the Las Vegas area and wake up with a less than desirable tattoo, feel free to drop on by Skin Design for a free quote and consultation. Besides, living with an unwanted tattoo is like taking a shower and putting on old draws. It’s plain nasty.


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Want to get your ex off your back? Well if you’re talking tattoos then Skin Design Laser Tattoo Removal of Las Vegas can definitely help.

Laser tattoo removal has become increasingly popular and for many reasons. Some people want to make more room, some want to remove mistakes, and for others, they just want a fresh start. Many times when a couple breaks up, the haunting site of their ex’s name is unbearable for either themselves or their future mates, and the first thing they usually do is look for laser tattoo removal. “Getting my ex-husbands name off my back, helped give me a fresh start”, says Maria Gonzalez, “It’s hard to move forward and leave the past behind when it’s tatted on you.” Maria, along with many other Las Vegas clients have shared the same remorse, and for others they simply want to make room for new talent and art.



You can definitely say that the surge in laser tattoo removal has been fueled by regret, and the new technology that has been released makes it that much easier to have your tattoos removed. A Harris Poll which was taken two years ago, found that 21 percent of Americans have at least one tattoo, a figure which is up from 16 percent in 2003, and of those people, it’s roughly 14 percent of them who now regret their decision.


When it comes to laser tattoo removal here’s a few facts:

– Black and Grey (BNG/ B&G) are the easiest tattoo ink colors to remove. Usually, a Yag(1064nm) laser works well for these)

– Green is the most difficult ink color to remove followed by light blue (Yag 1064nm and Ruby 694nm).

– Red/brown/yellow/orange respond well in my experience primarily using 532nm laser.

– Prison or home made inks are among the most difficult to remove. 

– Do-it-yourself tattoo removal ointments and creams are available on the market, but the FDA cautioned that since they haven’t been tested, the products may cause reactions like rashes, burning, scarring or changes in skin pigmentation.



— On an interesting side note, I’ve  got a friend who has 11 names tattooed on him (a collective list of ex girlfriends and ex wives). When asked why he didn’t opt for laser tattoo removal, he said “These weren’t mistakes, these were life lessons, and keeping their names on me reminds me to do two things: 1) Be more selective 2) Do not tattoo their names on me.”

Since then…he’s added another name. I guess some people like to collect. 

by contributing SDT writer, Samy B.