If you’re looking for a tattoo and want custom hand lettering, script, calligraphy or a custom font, then look no further than Vandal from Skin Design Tattoo. His award-winning script is among the best found in the Las Vegas area so be sure to take a look at his portfolio because it’s sure to please. In addition to lettering, Vandal also does portraits as well as other styles of tatts including color and abstract.

Located just a few minutes from the strip, Skin Design Tattoo offers free consultation and estimates, and our state of the art, 4,000 sq. facility offers the most comfortable and sterile environment in town. In addition we are home to an award-winning staff of tattooists and provide free estimate as well as consultations.




Script and lettering tattoos will never go out of style….so long as you get the right style. 

Getting a tattoo of the name of a loved typically serves as a marker in life. Whether it symbolizes loyalty to a loved one, or doubles as a memorial for one who’s passed away, these tattoos may be small but they’re significant and powerful. When getting one of the script pieces done you always have to make sure that you choose an artist who’s good with type or typography.


Resident artist, Vandal, has a lot of different styles but his script and letters have become his speciality. 


Resident Vegas tattoo artist, Vandal, has a lot of different styles but his script and letters have become his speciality.

 It’s not uncommon for these smaller tatts to be a Las Vegas favorite. We’ve had a ton of clients come in to get smaller pieces done. From script, lettering to little butterflies we’ve done it all. We’ve seen couples  come in, groups of friends, and one time we had a group of 14 come in to get the same tattoo.

Some artists use stencils, some do freehand, but the authenticity of the script can always be told by purists so choose wisely. Besides, you’ll be wearing this artistic endeavor for the rest of your life so take your time. If you’re in or around the Vegas area be sure to stop by to get a free consultation….or just come by one of the most highly-rated tattoo shops in Nevada.


Tattoos of names and quotes are popular. From birthdates, to names of loved ones, there’s plenty of reasons to get one done. They range in size from small to large and there’s no denying that these tattoos have become a large segment of our market that’s valuable, but where do you go if you’re looking to get it done?

Well that’s up to personal preference. You have to look at the tattooists style, his lines, his shading and ultimately the price because those are all factors to consider. Of course you already know that you get what you pay for so avoid going cheap, because removing an unwanted tattoo isn’t an inexpensive or a pleasurable experience.



In Las Vegas alone, there’s a ton of shops that offer script (and hand lettering of the sorts) but be sure to check out SDT resident artist Vandal. You can view his portfolio by clicking here. His style is clean, his lines are crisp and he can work off of supplied artwork or create a custom script just for you.

With a huge range of influence, David is one of the best in town. He can deliver on your wanted styles, understands font usage and custom typography, but above and beyond his technical prowess, he’s passionate about delivering quality work and understanding the clients needs.

If you’re in or around the Las Vegas be sure to drop on by for a free consultation. Skin Design is also one of the leading tattoo parlors in the Nevada area so stop on by to take a tour of our show.


About Skin Design:

Skin Design Tattoo was created as a hub where imaginative self-expression meets inspiration. Located just a few miles from the Las Vegas Strip, we are home to some of the most well-respected tattoo artists in the industry, and the creation of this new facility was by design. The image above is actually scanned from the architectural blue print which was drawn during inception and in short, we wanted to create a destination point where artists and customers alike would feel at home. We also wanted a creative studio that offered more than just award-winning tattoos; we wanted a tattoo shop that doubled as a lounge and as a hub where creativity and artistry flows. Much like a tattoo, our studio started off as a blank canvas and we designed and created this space with our customers best interests in mind. The culmination of our efforts yielded the results we were hoping for and we hope you enjoy as much as we do.  Skin Design provides more than just a service, we provide an experience which is bar none.

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