SDT Family, Lee Happs, takes home Runner Up in Best Portrait Category for his Kris Kristofferson tattoo.
Just a few weeks ago, SDT Family Lee Happs entered one of the larger tattoo shows in UK. That show, called Tattoo Freeze, is presented by Skin Deep Magazine and out of 100’s of entries, Lee was awarded Runner Up in the category for Best Portrait.
The tattoo he showed was done by Las Vegas tattoo artist, Fernie Andrade, and the very detailed tattoo is of legendary actor Kris Kristofferson and the rig he drove in the movie Convoy.

 Convoy Movie Trailer. 
Lee will be back this year to do some additional work so we’ll keep you posted on any new updates and a big thanks and pat on the back goes out to Lee as well as Skin Deep Magazine for recognizing his art work.


Infected tattoos are a serious matter and the UK is cracking down hard.

A tattoo artist in the UK has been the first to be fined by the Plymouth Magistrate for giving illegal tattoos. The artist, Claire Tabb, pleaded guilty to two offenses which were brought to light when one of her customers complained after he was hospitalized due to an infected tattoo (see image above). In turn, she pleaded guilty to two counts involving illegal tattoos.

Ms. Tabb has now officially become the first person to be prosecuted as a result of a new organization the Council put together called, “Operation Itchy.” Her charges stem from operating as an unregistered tattooist and operating from an unregistered tattoo studio.

In addition to fines and compensation which had to be paid to one her customers,  the council made an example of her after launching a campaign encouraging people to “Think before they Ink.” The organization was started to crack down on people who get tattoos from unregistered tattoo artists and unregistered establishments.

Councillor Sue McDonald, cabinet member for Children, Young People and Public Health said: “As a city we want people to lead healthy lives – tattooing is extremely popular in this city – but it needs to be carried out in a hygienic environment by people who know what they are doing.” She also adds, “We have great businesses doing fantastic work here in this city, but we are also aware of a growing number of people who are trying out tattooing on their friends at home with no training and no idea about basic hygiene requirements.”



– The old adage, cheap tattoos are no good and good tattoos aren’t cheap is true. 

– The sterility is of a tattoo shop is the most important factor when choosing a tattoo shop.

– When visiting a tattoo shop don’t be afraid to ask to see what common safety practices they use to keep their equipment sterile. If they can’t show you, then leave. 




Tattoos and the culture that surrounds it, has sparked a billion-dollar industry that runs more than skin deep. But even more impressive than the financial numbers themselves is the art and the communities it has positively influenced.  With each unique tattoo, is a piece of art indicative of someone’s values or beliefs, and often times they also represent milestones in someone’s life. But as the art and culture continues to grow, so has the unique ways it has inspired other forms of creativity and industry growth. From t-shirt designs, housewares, to custom car wraps, tattoos have inspired a wave of creativity that ceases to amaze and this example by Punctured Artefact is no different.


A close up look at the process.


The artisans over at Punctured Artefact in the UK have created these unique art pieces which substitutes a live canvas for leather, and the process is one which is both tedious and time consuming. As chronicled on their site, the process involves hand-picking a piece of leather, dying it the appropriate shade, and then tattooing the leather with their own original designs. From there, the leather is worked using special techniques to help bring out the fine line work and the end result is stunning.  Needless to say, we were impressed with their artistic vision, and the launch of their limited edition pieces are sure to awe and inspire. Be sure to check out their official site by visiting them at Punctured Artefact.