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Smart Tattoo Cover Up Ideas That Will Amaze You

You were in love with someone and tattooed their name. Now that you broke up, you are wondering if you can remove it. The good news is that there’s an alternative solution, and it’s called a cover up. Our guide explains the basics of this approach and discusses the best tattoo cover ups ideas. If you need inspiration and creative designs on how to change that old artwork on your body, here is what you should know about reworking it!

What Is a Cover-up Tattoo?

As the word suggests, it’s a new tattoo that will replace an old one you don’t want anymore. Here are some situations when this option is a good idea:

  • You need an ex name tattoo cover up because you aren’t together anymore.
  • The old tattoo is obviously fading, and you need a refreshment or adjustment.
  • You’d like a larger tattoo on that specific body part.

It basically comes down to discussing possible tattoos cover ups ideas with your stylist and trusting them to do the work. They will deposit the ink into the same skin area where your original tattoo is. The goal is to adjust the color and design to make it look like a new tattoo.

Are Tattoo Cover Ups More Painful?

There’s no exact answer since this is highly individual. Some users report it doesn’t hurt more than the original ink, while others swear it’s ten times more painful. The safest thing to say is that it depends on an individual. 

If you were afraid of getting the initial tattoo or associate it with pain in general, that increases the odds the process will be hurtful. Scar tissue could also increase pain, and covering up tattoos on certain body parts might hurt more. It’s worth noting all tattoos cover ups ideas will require a bigger area than the original. The pain might be at a similar scale, but you’ll need to endure it for longer.

Colors Used to Conceal a Tattoo

The general rule is that any tattoo cover up ideas you have should include darker shades than the original. Stylists use black to cover most other colors but also apply blue, orange, and other colors for the purpose of camouflage. They can even go for an entirely new shade by mixing old and new ink. It’s possible to use dark options to remove lighter tones, but you can’t technically remove black ink, which is why most stylists decide to completely cover the original tattoo area.

If you want to remove a tattoo instead of covering it up, you can schedule a laser tattoo removal treatment. Skin Design has experts with years of experience and modern equipment that can get you impressive results in a couple of sessions.the cosmetologist removes the tattoo on the leg of a young pretty girl with a laser.

Can a Name Tattoo Be Covered Up?

Yes, and many stylists believe that names are the easiest to rework. It’s especially true if the name takes a small area. The stylist will try to incorporate the existing lines in a new design. Depending on the cover up tattoo ideas for names, they can also use black ink to cover the entire old tattoo. That gives them a starting point for the new design.

Smart Tattoo Cover Up Ideas That Will Amaze You

Most stylists love the challenge of reworking an existing tattoo. It allows them to show skills and creativity to deliver a completely new body art piece. Here are some smart tattoos cover ups ideas that you should consider!

Floral Cover Ups

How about coming up with an ex-name tattoo cover up and converting it into a floral design? Flowers give your stylist plenty of room for creativity. These designs look great, and you can choose different flowers to pick a suitable symbolism. Whether you want to convey purity and innocence or power and strength, flowers can help to send the desired message.

Buried Under Wings

Birds symbolize freedom and independence, so can you think of a better ex name tattoo cover up than this one? Similar to flowers, bird tattoos can feature different styles, forms, and sizes. It’s what gives the stylist plenty to work with when readjusting your body art. Males usually go for eagles, and powerful birds as tattoo cover up ideas, while women could pick swans to symbolize purity and elegance.

Simple to Complex Decorations

If your old work is fading, adding more complexity to the design can be the basis of tattoos cover ups ideas to consider. If you had a specific symbol, how about boosting it with more ink and adding more symbols around it? Instead of new symbols, you can also add abstract decorations and create a visually impressive tattoo.

Color Contrast Increase

If your ink has faded, consider tattoo cover up ideas that increase the color contrast. This approach is an excellent choice if you have pale skin. A stylist will be able to cover your previous work almost completely, depending on the fading level.

A Dark Pattern Rework

These can be great cover up tattoo ideas for names, especially on the forearm. The stylist will use dark ink to completely mask the old tattoo area. From there, they can work out a unique pattern and design that will make that body part look impressive.

A Mandala Tattoo

These are great cover-up tattoo ideas for names, but only for small-sized body art. Mandala is a ritual symbol that represents a spiritual journey, but also timelessness and wholeness. Your stylist can experiment with different colors to convey different meanings. Mandala is an excellent choice for replacing your ex and showing you moved on and feel whole again!

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