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What Your Tattoo Placement on Your Body Says About You

If you are considering getting a tattoo, you are probably thinking hard about what to choose for it. Whether it’s a character or symbol, it should tell a story about your life or personality. But have you ever wondered about a tattoo placement meaning?

The place where you plan to put a tattoo can also speak about it and send a specific message. Here is what you should know about the meaning of tattoo location!

What Personality Types Get Tattoos?

Before discussing the meaning of tattoos on body parts, have you wondered if you need to be a special type of personality to get one? It’s hard to generalize because extroverts and introverts, as well as bold and shy people, all get tattoos. Here are some groups that choose this body art:

  • People who want to mark an important life event
  • Those who’d like to tattoo a special symbol for its deeper meaning
  • People who want to showcase a character trait
  • Those who’d like to improve their overall appearance

Here’s What the Placement of a Tattoo Means

The meaning of tattoo location was more important among ancient cultures—for example, many authorities worldwide tattooed lawbreakers on faces to warn others. Today, if someone notices this body art, they consider what it represents first. But the location where you place the work is also important. Check out the tattoo placement meaning regarding the area you select!

Feet and Ankles

Ankles are a common and discreet place for a tattoo. It’s not easily noticeable, but you can still show it off when necessary. Many people choose ankles to put a tattoo in honor of someone who they lost.

As for the feet, they don’t carry a special tattoo placement meaning. Introverts and shy persons often choose feet since they don’t attract attention. You can also choose them if you are proud or love your feet. Once good weather comes, you can wear sandals and show off that body art.

Neck Tattoo

The frontal part is difficult to hide with most clothing pieces. The person is aware their body art is visible, so this tattoo placement meaning primarily describes a bold and courageous individual.

Females and men with long hair pick the nape of their neck. It’s because they can place the hair to show or hide the tattoo as necessary. Many people associate body art on the lower neck with bravery, especially since this section is more painful to tattoo than others.

Accessories: Fingers and Ears

While talking about the meaning of tattoos on body parts, it’s hard not to mention fingers. They aren’t a common option, and they only became popular in modern days. It’s hard to hide a tattoo on your fingers, so you need to gather the courage to choose this area. A small tattoo might attract attention less, so career-oriented individuals stick to compact sizes.

It’s much easier to hide a tattoo on the ear or behind the ear. That’s particularly easy if you have long hair. It’s worth noting you can easily show it to anyone who deserves to see your body art. Artistic people often put musical notes, but this area is great for other symbols, too.

Chest Tattoo

This tattoo placement meaning indicates your tattoo is incredibly important. You can put this artwork on the left side and close to your heart. Many choose that spot for symbols or names of special people they love(d).

Big chest tattoos exhibit confidence. You are aware they will attract attention whenever you take off your shirt. They change your appearance but return by looking powerful.


This is a painful location to tattoo, so you need to be courageous to even enter the process. Unfortunately, people causing self-harm often cause wrists. That’s why these tattoos often refer to an important part of your past. You can even choose body art to cover any scars you might have.

It’s interesting to note that some girls also decide to go with a small wrist tattoo. Those are usually females who don’t have enough courage to go with bigger pieces and other body parts.

Back Tattoo

A back tattoo placement meaning is that the body art is important to you. It shows you are stable and strong, and you don’t require a tattoo that’s always visible. Girls often choose the lower back for bodywork since that pinpoints their sensuality and confidence. They consider themselves feminine and strong.

For men, a back tattoo might be a way of getting a big body art that will tell a specific story. Some males are only looking to show muscles and make their entire appearance better.

Arms Tattoo

Different arm sections send different messages. For example, a forearm tattoo meaning shows your confidence. You understand that you won’t be able to cover the tattoo with short sleeves. If you are proud of your work and want to exhibit it, this is the perfect location.

The tattoo size also speaks about your character. If you want to go with a large piece, that forearm tattoo meaning will be that you are bold and don’t care what others think. The same applies to those who put a big-sized body art piece on their entire arm. 

A half-sleeve tattoo is a fine choice for balanced personalities. That shows you want to express creativity, but you are also sensitive about the environment, especially people that could influence your career.

Tattoo Placement Chart

Whether you’d like a quick reminder or a forearm tattoo meaning or check out other body parts, here is a quick chart that tells about what message your tattoo location sends!

Body Part Meaning
Face Bold, proud, willing to attract attention
Neck Tough and proud (front), Discreet (nape), Courageous (back)
Ears Discreet, free-spirited
Chest Love, importance, romance
Ribcage Brave, strong, artistic
Back Confidence, appearance (guys), sensitivity (girls)
Arms Bold (full-sleeve), balanced (half-sleeve)
Forearms Confidence, strength, toughness
Fingers Bold, courageous
Wrists Hiding scars, reflecting the past
Thighs Sentimental value, appearance (girls)
Calves Pride, appearance
Feet Mysterious, discreet, introvert
Ankles Discreet, honoring someone

Are you unsure about the right placement for your tattoo? Don’t hesitate to schedule a tattoo consultation and discuss all details with a professional stylist!



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