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We are very excited to announce Skin Design Tattoo New York is officially open for business as of June 2019! Appointments are now available. Be the first to experience this one of a kind tattoo studio in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A neighborhood full of multiple personalities, thriving with art, music, and culture! Allow us to create a one of a kind tattoo session with Robert Pho, our New York team or international guest tattoo artists.

Open Everyday from 11AM – 9PM

208 N 6th St Unit 1A, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone number:
(917) 664-1216


Are you looking to get a tattoo, touch-ups or even cover-ups in New York? Skin Design Tattoo in Brooklyn is here for you. New York is one of the world’s capitals for tattoos, whether you live here or you’re visiting, you should only settle for the best, and that’s what we can offer at our tattoo shop. What better way to mark your time in NYC than a tattoo from some of the most gifted tattoo artists in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn has a lot of tattoo artists out there, but how do you know we’re the best tattoo studio for you? We are a globally recognized brand and have been featured in publications around the world. We work with some of the top tattooists in the world, too, with guest spots occupied by only exceptional tattoo talent.

Skin Design Tattoos is home to Robert Pho, known all around the globe for his black and grey tattoo work. As well as black and grey work, our services vary, so make sure you drop in or get in touch to see if we can help you. We offer realistic colorings, photorealistic designs, scripts, cover-ups, touch-ups and more.
You can get in touch for a free consultation either by filling in our form or you can give our studio a call.


Robert Pho

Skin Design Tattoo Founder & Artist

Robert Pho - Skin Design Tattoo Artist & Founder

Raphael Ortiz Inkstigator

New York City Tattoo Artist

Raphael Ortiz

Ashley de Laura

New York City Tattoo Apprentice

Ashley de Laura

Orlando Quintanilla

NYC Tattoo Artist (Aug 11 – Sept 10)

Orlando Quintanilla

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