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Dating a Guy With Tattoos. How Tattoos Can Affect Your Relationship?

Tattoos are more popular than ever before, with studies showing that close to 40% of millennials have tattoos and more and more people of all ages are choosing to get ink for a wide variety of different reasons. Some do it to honor a loved one, others do it just because they love the way it looks, and some see tattoos as an integral part of their personality and lifestyle.

In spite of all of this, there are still some taboos associated with tattoos, and some people can get a little nervous when it comes to dating someone with tattoos. So, let’s say that you’ve matched on a dating site with an inked-up hunk or have been asked out by a dude with tattoos at your workplace? What should you do? Well, let’s look at all you need to know about dating guys with tattoos.

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What do You need to Know About Dating A Guy With Tats?

Many people think that there’s something different about dating someone with tattoos, and while that might have been true in the past, it really isn’t anymore. The truth is that people from all walks of life are getting tattoos these days, and they can have different jobs, lifestyles, personalities, and characters.

The most important thing when dating guys with tattoos is to not focus too much on the ink and simply get to know the person underneath. You might be surprised about what you find, as tattooed guys can be some of the kindest, deepest, most caring, and understanding people around. Here are a few things that many people learn when dating guys with tattoos or dating a woman with tattoos, too.

They aren’t looking for attention

Lesson one of the dating guys with tattoos is this: getting ink isn’t something that people do for attention. Maybe a very small minority of guys will get inked up to make themselves look good, but in the vast majority of cases, tattoos are meaningful and deep. They represent something to the person who gets them.

Why do girls like tattoos so much? Well, because they can look great and make a man hotter or more attractive in certain ways, but it’s always important to remember that tattoos aren’t just about aesthetics. They can have stories and symbols behind them, and they’re one of the most vivid forms of self-expression out there.

They have interesting life stories

Another interesting thing about dating someone with tattoos is that you often find that tattooed people are very interesting. They often have fascinating stories to tell from their past. They might have endured tough times and got a tattoo to represent their inner strength, for instance, or they might be travelers, artists, or passionate people who love to express themselves in creative ways.

They’re warm and fuzzy inside

When dating guys with tattoos or dating a woman with tattoos, many people have a tendency to associate ink with toughness or assume that any guy with a tattoo must be a “bad boy”. In reality, as explained earlier on, all kinds of men can get tattooed nowadays, from the toughest biker dudes to the softest and kindest creative types.

Often, guys with tattoos can look pretty hardcore on the outside but may have a much more sensitive side underneath. They might love rock and roll or metal music, but they can also be tender and sweet, ready to cuddle up with you on the sofa or hold your hand on a summer’s day. In short, there are lots of sensitive tattooed dudes out there.

They can tolerate pain

Another thing to note about tattooed men is that they tend to have a high tolerance for pain, especially if they have big tattoos or ink in awkward places. Getting tattooed can be a long and painful experience, but these guys got through it all, just because they wanted to express themselves or mark their bodies in a special way. That means they’re pretty tough and resistant.

They take better care of their body because they want to show it off

Do tattoos make you hotter? Well, maybe not on their own, but you might have noticed that tattooed guys tend to be quite fit. They’re often people who look after their bodies, watch what they eat, and hit the gym on a regular basis. This is because they want to show off their ink and keep their bodies looking beautiful, giving you even more advantages to enjoy when dating guys with tattoos.

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Dating Someone With a Tattoo of an Ex. What to Expect?

Dating someone with tattoos is one thing, but what about if you start dating a guy with a tattoo of his ex? Well, this can be pretty awkward, and nobody wants to see a constant reminder of their partner’s former love. However, the key here is to try and go into things with an open mind, accepting that your partner has moved on, even if the ink remains.

Dating a man or dating a woman with tattoos of an ex isn’t always easy, and it’s not for everyone. Some people just can’t move past it. However, if you’re able to keep calm about it, you can take the time to get to know your new partner and enjoy the bond that you two share, without having to worry about previous relationships. Plus, the ink doesn’t have to be forever. Your partner can always visit a tattoo studio and get a tattoo consultation to have the ink removed or covered up in the future.

How do tattoos affect relationships?

So how do tattoos affect relationships? Well, it all depends on the people involved. Some couples don’t even really notice any difference between dating someone with tattoos and someone without them. Others find their partners more attractive with tattoos and enjoy more passionate and romantic relationships as a result. And some couples get tattoos in honor of each other, which can be a wonderful way to express your love.


If you’ve ever felt worried or anxious about dating a guy with tattoos, we hope that this guide has helped to change your mind. As you can see, there really aren’t any disadvantages to dating a man with ink. In fact, there are plenty of advantages to uncover and enjoy along the way, so don’t let doubts or outdated tattoo taboos interfere with your relationship decisions.

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