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The Best Flower Tattoos: Designs, Ideas & Meanings

Flowers are the perfect gift for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or when you want to surprise a partner or sibling. They can also be an ideal choice for your next tattoo. The sheer range of impressive designs available makes flower tattoos attractive.

But picking the perfect option for body art isn’t simple. Our detailed guide will discuss popular flowers for tattoos and their meaning. Keep reading to learn about the symbolism and other specifics that will help discover your ideal tattoo!

The History of Floral Tattoos

Floral designs are as old as the tattoos themselves. In tribal body art, flower tattoos represent a reminder of your origin. If you portrayed a specific herb, it indicated the area where your tribe originates from.

In Western culture, sailors and convicts were famous for tattooing flowerpots. The traditional American flower was among other popular types of flowers tattoo, and we can also see it today. However, it’s obvious that modern body art features endless floral tattoo designs.



Flower Tattoo Symbolism

Unless you are in it only for the aesthetics, you’d want to discover the desired tattoo flower meaning. You already know that different plants have different meanings. If you want your body  art to convey the right message, you need to get the symbolism right.


Roses are the most popular flowers for tattoos these days. Did you know that they used to be a symbol of masculine strength in Persia? After the Middle Ages, convicts facing a death sentence were forced to get a rose tattoo. If they escape prison, this would be a way to catch them easily.

It was only in the 19th and 20th centuries when a rose tattoo flower meaning switched to romance and love. Sailors picked these tattoos to honor their mothers and wives.

Today, girls are the ones that usually choose rose tattoos. They are great for arms and calves and look best when in small or average size. You can pick from many different colors and designs, which is why it’s smart to schedule a tattoo consultation with an expert stylist.


Did you know that lotus rarely endures more than five days in a single life cycle? It always opens up in sunlight and goes back into the water at night. Lotus is a symbol of clarity, purity, and peace. It’s among the most popular flowers for tattoos among females.

The unique look that lotus has makes it suitable for a large tattoo. People often put it on their back, especially when going with a black and gray design. You can also go with blackwork, dotwork, and sketch styles for a lotus tattoo.


The golden color of a sunflower gives stylists plenty of freedom to experiment with different shades. They will also use green and brown, which makes this the perfect choice for colorful flower tattoos.

As for the meaning, sunflower follows the sun, so it represents warmth. It also stands for longevity, positivity, and happiness. The most common placement is on the arm, back, or thigh. Women usually choose sunflower tattoos due to the color variety, but both genders can go for it.


Lily Flower Tattoos

Lily enjoys incredible popularity in Asia, and it’s among the main types of flowers tattoo there. Many cultures connect this flower to purity and feminine beauty, so this body art is usually a woman’s choice.

Stylists often use a combination of black and purple for the lily tattoo. It’s not uncommon to add curls and paisleys to spice up the image. It looks best in sizes no bigger than medium, and the common tattoo placement for a lily is the thigh or abdomen side.


While it’s not that common, hibiscus tattoo flower meaning inspires many women and men to choose this option. This is a unique and fragile flower with a distinctive shape and color. The Western cultures associate it with royalty and power, but it expresses gentleness in the east.

Stylists will use black and red for this tattoo. It will look best in small sizes, and especially on your back or abdomen.


Iris has three petals, and each has a different meaning. They represent wisdom, valor, and faith. Iris is a fascinating flower that stylists can feature in many different designs. It’s that versatility that makes them a fine choice for those who go for specific aesthetics. Iris can symbolize hope, whether it’s in yourself or someone or something else.

Roses and a Skull

Here is a floral tattoo that’s more commonly picked by men. These are two different symbols because the rose shows beauty, passion, and life. On the other hand, a skull represents death but also protection or rebirth. 

This tattoo can symbolize the passing of a loved one but also fight between life and death or good and evil in you. A skull and roses make a perfect combination for a large tattoo since they look powerful.

Cherry Blossom Tattoos

These flower tattoos feature a variety of colors, including black, red, pink, and brown. The twigs that serve for attaching the flowers can make the tattoo suitable for large designs. If you want a big tattoo on your back, this could be a smart choice.

Women usually choose cherry blossom for their body art. It symbolizes a beginning and spring while showcasing elegance and beauty. They are an excellent choice when you want to start a new chapter in your life.


Flower Color Meanings

Apart from the types of flowers tattoo, you also need to consider the color. Here is a quick overview of what each shade means:

  • Pink. This flower color shows happiness, delicateness, and grace. It also serves to exhibit joy and innocence, especially in youth.
  • Blue. The main characteristics we associate with this color include serenity, openness, and peace.
  • Red. Energy and passion, but also strength and desire, are the messages you send by choosing red flowers.
  • Purple. This is a royal color, so we connect it to pride and dignity.
  • Yellow. These flowers represent friendship, joy, and new beginnings.
  • White. It’s a common symbol of innocence and purity, but also youthfulness and humility.
  • Green. This color symbolizes vitality and life in general.

Did you pick your favorite among the flower tattoos? If yes, don’t hesitate to contact the nearest tattoo studio and schedule an appointment with the stylist!

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