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How to Prepare Your Skin for a Tattoo

There are a plethora of references about tattoo aftercare tips online. However, when it comes to pre-tattoo preparation, there’s hardly any. Or if there is, it’s likely not substantial.

We think that only a few people really take the time to do some research and prepare themselves before getting inked. And that’s a let down because while it’s crucial to take care of your tattoo after the session, it is also equally important to prepare your skin before the procedure.

This is taking into consideration that: first, you are going to have a piece of body art that will stay with you forever, and that you will be spending quite a fair amount of money on it. Thus, it will be wise if you make sure that your skin is prepared so that you’ll end up with the tattoo you want instead of a bad surprise!

In this article, we did thorough research even took note of some serious expert advice to present to you the most important things to remember before getting a tattoo. Keep reading below for our helpful suggestions on how to prepare your skin for a tattoo.

How to Prepare Your Skin for a Tattoo

Get hydrated and moisturize

Both tattoo artists, skincare, and makeup professionals who graduated from the make-up academy highlight the importance to get hydrated and make sure to moisturize your skin before getting a tattoo. This is because the current condition and health of your skin affect your reaction. Makeup professionals recommend not to use any makeup since a day before you are planning to get inked.

Although proper hydration is necessary to keep your body healthy, it is particularly important when getting inked. Staying well hydrated leading up to being tattooed, will put your skin in better condition. It helps your skin become more resilient which helps allow the tattoo ink application easier.

Also, do not forget to moisturize your skin prior to your tattoo session. This is especially if you have very dry skin, you may need to moisturize 2-3 times a day. Doing this will help ensure that your skin is in good shape prior to being tattooed.

Shave and exfoliate

You may want to shave and exfoliate your skin too before getting a tattoo.

Shaving the area where you will be tattooed is most of the time necessary to achieve the best results. And your tattoo artist can do this for you, however, it would be a good gesture to do it yourself. Not to mention, you can do it better.

However, be cautious when shaving as cuts or nicks (even if it’s minor) will need to heal completely before you get a tattoo. After shaving, do not forget to moisturize the skin. Also, be wary of aftershaves that contain alcohol as it can dry out your skin.

Try also exfoliating your skin. Not only that it can make the procedure more comfortable for you and your Las Vegas tattoo artist, but it also helps your skin to better absorb the moisturizer. Exfoliate gently to remove impurities by using a loofah or a gentle exfoliant.

Eat before the session

You should never go to your tattoo session hungry. Eating before your appointment will help you have the necessary energy and stamina to endure the pain. Not doing so will increase your risk of getting light-headed or passing out.

Not eating before your session can lower your blood sugar level, thus increasing your reaction to the pain. Moreover, getting a tattoo can cause fatigue as your body exerts an excess amount of energy to suppress the pain. So go get a healthy meal, preferably one that is high in protein.

Make sure to bring some (healthy) snacks too, like a granola bar, to nourish you if you are having a long tattoo session.

Wear comfortable and appropriate clothes

It’s also indispensable to wear comfortable and appropriate clothes. This is a sensible thing to do because it will help the artist easily access the area you intend to have tattooed. In addition, it will also make you comfortable during the entire session.

When choosing clothes to wear, go for something that isn’t tight and constricting. It should allow your tattoo artist to easily access the area where you want to get inked. Bringing socks or jacket will also help in keeping you warm.

Avoid using drugs and certain products before the session

Avoid taking drugs and alcohol before and during your tattoo session. Otherwise, they can lead to complications and may ultimately jeopardize your safety.

You should totally avoid taking alcohol, coffee, and aspirin 24 hours before being tattooed. They have blood thinning properties, which can result in excessive bleeding.

Lastly, don’t forget to mention to your tattoo artist any prescription medications or a medical condition you may have.

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