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The Art of Matching Tattoos: How to Choose the Perfect Couple Tattoo Design


Matching tattoos is a unique and meaningful way for couples and family members to express their love and commitment to each other, but how do you choose the perfect design? That’s what we’re going to explore here.

Here’s what you need to know about how to find the right matching tattoo design for you and your loved one, what you need to consider before getting a matching tattoo, and a range of popular ideas to inspire you.

Reasons Couples Get Matching Tattoos

There are many reasons couples choose to get matching tattoos. For some, it’s a way to symbolize their commitment and unity because of their permanence. Matching tattoos can also serve as a reminder of an important milestone or shared experience in the couple’s relationship. They could commemorate a wedding day, the birth of a child, or a special trip they took together.

The design of the couple’s tattoo can reflect their shared interests, values, or even a significant moment in their relationship. It becomes a visual representation of their story, a beautiful and meaningful piece of art that they carry with them wherever they go. The inking session can also serve as a bonding experience.

Matching tattoos for couples aren’t limited to just romantic themes. Any symbol that marks a deep connection between two or more people could become the theme for a matching tattoo! Matching tattoos for sisters are a popular trend lately.

Places to Find Inspiration for Your Matching Tattoo

Consider what holds significance for both you and your partner, and how you want your tattoo to represent your relationship, then think about these ideas together. That can help you find couple tattoo ideas. Here are some places to find inspiration to get started.

Words and Dates

Think about the words that resonate with both of you and reflect the values and aspirations of your relationship. It could be a line from your favorite song, a quote from a beloved author, or even a mantra that you both live by. These words can serve as a constant reminder of the bond you share and the love that keeps you together. Some couples choose to commemorate a special date, like their anniversary.

Personal Experiences

Personal experiences can also be a powerful source of inspiration for matching tattoos ideas for couples. Think about the moments that have shaped your relationship and consider how you can capture them in a visual representation. It could be a symbol that represents the place where you first met, a reminder of a shared adventure, or even a depiction of a cherished memory.


Consider the beauty of a blooming flower, symbolizing growth and renewal in your relationship. Alternatively, you might be captivated by the strength and resilience of a mighty oak tree, representing the stability and longevity of your love. Nature offers a rich tapestry of symbols and imagery that can be incorporated into your matching tattoo design. As long as you and your loved one agree on the meaning, any element of nature could serve!

Things to Consider Before Getting a Couple Tattoo

While finding inspiration is an exciting part of the process, remember that matching tattoos are a lifelong commitment. Before getting inked, take the time to discuss your design ideas with your partner and ensure that both of you are fully on board. You should also consult with a tattoo artist who can guide you through the process.

It’s essential for both individuals to be fully on board with the design, placement, and significance of the tattoo. This ensures that both partners are equally invested in the decision and that the tattoo holds a deep and personal meaning for both of them.

Couples should also consider the potential challenges that may arise from getting matching tattoos. Relationships can change over time and tattoos are permanent! It’s crucial for couples to have open and honest conversations about their expectations and to be prepared for the possibility that their feelings towards the tattoo may change.

There are also considerations outside of your relationship. If you choose a visible tattoo, it could limit professional advancement. While tattoos are becoming more accepted in society, there are still some industries and workplaces where visible tattoos may be frowned upon.

Another aspect to consider is the tattoo size and complexity of the design. Matching tattoos can range from simple symbols or words to intricate artwork. Think about the level of detail you and your partner want. Keep in mind that smaller, more intricate designs may require more frequent touch-ups to maintain their clarity.

Get a Consultation

It’s essential to choose a reputable tattoo artist who specializes in matching tattoos. You can do this through getting a tattoo consultation and reading reviews. An online search can help you find the best tattoo shops near you. After finding a shop, look at the artist’s previous work, read reviews, and schedule a consultation to discuss your vision.

A skilled tattoo artist will guide you through the design process and create a tattoo that symbolizes your unique connection. They can help you explore different design options that work with your vision and with your skin type and pain tolerance.

Some couples choose to have the matching tattoo in a visible location, such as the wrist or forearm, while others prefer a more discreet placement, like the back or shoulder. Every location has advantages and disadvantages. Some areas are more painful to tattoo. Others may stretch the image. You will want a location that ages well so your symbol doesn’t fade.

Some Matching Tattoo Ideas

Here are a few popular matching tattoo ideas for couples we’ve seen from our tattoo artists:

  • Infinity symbols: A symbol of eternal love, the infinity symbol is a classic choice for matching tattoos. It represents a love that knows no bounds.
  • Lock and key: This design symbolizes how the couple completes each other and holds the key to each other’s hearts.
  • Coordinates: Choosing the coordinates of a significant location, such as the place you first met or got married, adds a personal touch to your matching tattoo.
  • Heartbeat: A design that represents the rhythm of your love, with each partner’s heartbeat joined together.
  • Puzzle pieces: This design signifies how you and your partner fit perfectly together and complete each other. This is also a popular choice for neurodiverse couples.
  • Ring finger: Some couples decide to forego the traditional wedding ring and go for a ring finger tattoo instead. These can be quite painful though!
  • Sun and moon: The sun and the moon have been a pair for most of the history of the planet. They’re an enduring symbol of two things, or people, that belong together.

Remember, the most important aspect of a matching tattoo design is its personal significance to you and your partner. Take the time to choose a design that reflects your unique bond and resonates with both of you.

Matching tattoos are a beautiful way for couples to celebrate their love and commitment, but a tattoo is a lifetime commitment. Before your inking session, consider everything we’ve talked about and consult with a tattoo artist about your design idea. This could keep you from making a permanent mistake!

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