Old Tattoo Touch Up


Touching Up A Old Tattoo

An old tattoo is sure to change. Whether it fades, gets dated in style, or simply lacks the luster it once had, you can always opt to have them zapped through laser removal, or simply have them revamped, remixed or touch up.

This was exactly the case with Jennifer, a client who came in with a 21 year old hummingbird tattoo that she wanted touched up and modified. After consulting with resident artist Andy Pho – a specialist in tattoo revamps, restoration and cover ups – she decided to get the bird touched up while adding a few new elements and the outcome was great.

As of late, Andy has earned a reputation as the go to guy in Vegas for getting older tattoos touched up or covered up and it’s with good reason. His attention to detail, and creative suggestions, gives clients more options than they thought they had so if you’re ever considering touching up an older piece than drop by or email us for a free consultation.