Skin Design Tattoobest tattoo studio in las vegas

Skin Design Tattoo - the biggest tattoo shop in Las Vegas

If you’re looking for a tattoo shop in the Las Vegas area, then be sure to stop by Skin Design (SDT). Located just minutes from the strip (in the famous Chinatown district), our 4,000 sq. ft studio is a hub where tattoo artists and collectors can share their passion for ink, body piercings as well as laser tattoo removal. Founded by Robert Pho, Skin Design has been in business for over 25 years and this tattoo studio here is our latest creation. SDT is home to a family of award-winning and internationally recognized tattooists who specialize in black and grey, color, script, portrait, and photo-realism work. Our current artists are Robert Pho, Fernie Andrade, Vic Vivid, Andy Pho and David “Vandal” Ruiz.
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Skin Design Tattoobest tattoo studio in las vegas

If you're looking for a tattoo studio in Vegas, then be sure to stop on by and enjoy the experience. Our goal at SDT was to create a workspace that would provide inspiration and comfort to our artists, as well as our guests. Designed from the ground up, SDT is a design exercise that doubles as an extension of the Las Vegas experience. Highly regarded as one of the most modern tattoo parlors, our studio features the latest in modern design, lighting, audio and furniture, and it was all created to provide the ultimate comfort for our guests.

At SDT, we also understand that sterility is the first step in creating mesmerizing art, so we designed and designated a room (and a tech) who helps keep all of our tools, trays, and tattoo removal equipment sterilized above and beyond the required State laws.

With plenty of Las Vegas tattoo shops to choose from, we encourage you to look around while on your search for a tattoo place, but be sure to pay us a visit. Some have even asked us, "Who has the best tattoo shop in Las Vegas?" and our answer was simply, "The shop that best fits your style of work, budget and comfort level is the one you should go with."

In all reality, getting a tattoo is an investment; it's an investment in yourself. They are words visualized, memories marked and realities imagined. What many don't realize is that the talent and skill of any artist is part of a natural reserve - which eventually runs dry. So in essence, every customer that gets work literally takes a piece of his or her artist with them, and that's priceless.

While some are quick to call tatts a rising trend, we'll be quick to disagree. We see it more as a lifestyle and a culture that is backed by a history that has been around for more than a millennia. Our art has blessed the bodies of our ancient ancestors, and one of the oldest documented tattoos was some 2,500 years old and found on the mummified corpse of a Siberian Princess.