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Owl and Lion Tattoos

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Owl portrait tattoo by artist, Andy Pho

Tattoos are not only an art form but also a form of self-expression. Generally speaking, people get tattoos to mark a moment in their life or to symbolize something special. The symbolism can be personal, cultural, or religious. Whatever the reason, a tattoo can be a powerful medium to express your personality and individuality.

Animal tattoos have long been used as symbols in many cultures. In most cases, an animal tattoo is a metaphor for the qualities of the person who has the tattoo. For example, the eagle is often associated with courage, the dragon is associated with power, and the tiger is associated with ferocity.

Two of the most popular animals used in tattoos are the owl and the lion. Both of these animals have a lot of symbolism associated with them, which is why they are such popular choices for tattoos. In this article, we’ll take a look at the meaning of owl and lion tattoos to help you decide if they are right for you.


What Does a Lion Tattoo Mean?

Referred to as the king of the jungle, lions are one of the most powerful and majestic animals on the planet. They are highly intelligent and are often associated with royalty. They are also extremely aggressive and territorial, making a lion tattoo a clear representation of power and dominance. If you have a strong personality and a sense of self-confidence, then a lion tattoo can be a good representation of that.

What Does a Lion Tattoo Mean For a Girl?

When a girl gets a lion tattoo or a lioness tattoo, it is a way to show that she is a strong, independent woman who can handle herself in any situation. She is an assertive, courageous, and powerful person who can take care of herself and her needs. She is also a leader and a boss who knows what she wants and how to get it.

What Are the Types of Lion Tattoos?

Lion tattoo designs come in all shapes and sizes. There are thousands of different lion tattoo ideas to choose from but the most common ones include the lion face tattoo, female lion tattoo, tribal lion tattoo, and so much more.

Where Should Lion Tattoos Be Placed?

A lion tattoo needs to be placed on a prominent part of the body such as the arm, back, or chest. These areas have a larger skin surface area, making it easier to put in a lot of details that will truly make your tattoo stand out. Whichever part of the body you choose, make sure to prepare your skin for a tattoo to prevent any discomfort or irritation.

How Much Will It Cost Me to Get a Lion Tattoo?

A small lion tattoo like a lion finger tattoo will definitely cost way more affordable than a full sleeve tattoo. Lions got a lot of furs, making it a very challenging tattoo to get. A decent, realistic lion tattoo can cost you between $150 to $400 on average. However, prepare to shell out more cash ($200 per hour) if you intend to get a lion tattoo from some of the best tattoo artists in the United States.


What Does an Owl Tattoo Symbolize?

An owl tattoo is often associated with wisdom and intuition. The owl is known to be one of the most intelligent birds in the world. It is also a symbol of protection and an omen of good luck. If you consider yourself a wise and intuitive person, getting an owl tattoo is a great way to show the world your inner self. Owl tattoos are very popular among women because they also represent femininity and gentleness.

Where Should Owl Tattoos Be Placed?

If you prefer a symmetrical yet discreet owl tattoo with the owl’s wings spread out, your chest or upper back is the best place to get it. Meanwhile, if you prefer a more subtle design, you can opt for a tattoo on one of your arms or calves, where it will be more prominent and visible. Moreover, an owl tattoo can be placed on any part of your body. It depends on your preference and the design you want.

How Much Will It Cost Me to Get an Owl Tattoo?

A simple owl tattoo that covers less than 3 square inches of skin can cost between $50 to $250. However, if you want a bigger and more intricate design, a tattoo artist can charge you by the hour. This is pretty much the norm in the tattoo industry, especially among the most popular tattoo artists in the business. Similar to getting a lion tattoo, expect to pay upwards of $200 per hour to get the owl tattoo of your dreams.



Animal tattoos like lion and owl tattoos are not only a way to show your appreciation for nature but also to show the world who you really are. These tattoos are great for both men and women, so if you are thinking about getting one, do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

One thing to note though is that animal tattoos can get very expensive, especially if you want a detailed and intricate design. Fur and feather can be very difficult to achieve, so don’t take chances by going to a tattoo artist who has no experience with animal tattoos. It’s better to pay a bit more and get the tattoo done right than to have a botched-up tattoo that will cost you more money to fix.

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